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Pros and cons of a Bang

You will probably come across many people telling stories about how they love their bang but have you wondered whether it can be a good match for you? If yes, then you probably want to familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of a bang before you make a decision. For that reason, I want to make this post for you who is indifferent about the bang. I will list ten pros and ten cons of a bang and leave the rest up to you.



1. You always feel cute-This is actually one of the main benefits of having a bang. You will at all times be feeling very cute but only if a bang suits you. If they do, then they are likely to elevate your full look and leave you looking gorgeous.

2. You can wear less makeup– with a bang, you don’t have to wear so much makeup on your forehead. This is especially the case because the forehead is covered by the bangs.

3. The eyebrows will be a lot easier– Now that you have a bang, you don’t have to be distracted from time to time and wondering whether you look perfect. You will particularly feel like you can do without much makeup.

4. They are easy to switch up-Bangs unlike many other styles are very easy to switch up meaning you can get so many styles with the bang very quickly. You can as well cut the bang short depending on what you want.

5. You can split the bang at the center-These bangs are flexible meaning you can do anything you want with them. As a matter of fact, bangs can be worn any way you want.

6. There are so many things you can do with a bang-You can choose to make a bang completely disappear in a hairstyle or go for any other style you want. It’s actually up to you. It’s also very easy to fake one of your best hairstyles.

7. You can express yourself through the bang-There are very many styles of bangs that actually match each of your occasions. This means you can easily choose the one to go out with especially when you want to be noticed.

8. Bangs are the ultimate cover-up-You can easily cover and correct any mess with your looks using a bang. If you have some pimples on the forehead, no one will notice that easily if you choose the right style.

9. They are perfect-Bangs are quite perfect despite the shape of your head, the way you look or any other thing. It’s actually up to you to make them match what you need and how you want to look.

10. They Glam up straight hair-For the people that want to add some edge to a bald hairstyle, these are the best. You just have to use a shampoo and a conditioner to get this look.



1. They are high maintenance for Textured Hair-Several people warn that bangs can be a mess if you have unruly textured hair. They can actually be very difficult to maintain. They may also consume most of your time as you try to make them look perfect.

2. Beware of the cowlick-Some experts warn that if bangs are cut on a cowlick, they will be good for a short period of time. They may look stunning when you are leaving the salon but quickly mess up with time.

3. They can be stubborn-There are many situations when these cannot work as expected. Talk about your birthday, the first date, or even a job interview. If they mess, you don’t have an option than work with what you have got.

4. The Flick-There are some situations when the long part at the end of the bang chooses to stick out. You don’t have to do anything because no matter how many times you want to straighten it, it won’t go down.

5. It can┬ábe a nuisance when working out-Bangs can suck when you are working out. They will usually get sweaty and stick to your forehead. This is actually why most people don’t like them especially if they are GYM enthusiasts.

6. You will need a haircut often-With the bang, you will need a haircut almost every two or three weeks. This will depend on the bang style you want.

7. They can get greasy quiet fast-No one knows why bangs usually get greasy but that is the fact, they are very likely to get greasy.

8. You need to maintain them the right way– To get a cute look, you have to invest some of your time and money on maintaining them.

9. They are not perfect for all occasions-Although people think these bangs are perfect for every occasion that is not always the case.

10. Will suck when you sweat-When you sweat, you are likely to have a hard time dealing with them.

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