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Pros and Cons of Having a Baby

Having a baby simply means that you are a mother or a father by giving birth. A person may be having a baby but he/she is not the biological mother of the child through adoption.

Having a baby requires the mother and the father of the child to take full responsibility of the child. The life of the child depends on the father and mother mostly referred to as parental care.

According to the Kenyan government, a child has his rights that must be fulfilled by the parents who gave birth to the child. These rights include; food, shelter, clothing, and education.



1. A baby completes a family. Having a bundle of joy in the home is incomparable; this is why couples consider having kids. Children are significant members of the family and there is nothing else more fulfilling than taking care of another human being that came from your own flesh and blood. In the case of adopting a baby, it is a result of love for two individuals who love each other.

2. Having a child nurtures relationships. When a baby is born in the family, it strengthens the family relationship. Welcoming a child is a welcoming event in the life of a woman and her partner. They have to decide together on many aspects of bringing up the child from discipline to education. This can be a big factor in strengthening their life as couples. Being responsible for the life of another.

3. It is a joyful experience. To the most expectant mothers having a life inside your body, it is an overwhelming and ecstatic experience. Some even consider this magical and a miracle expecting mums and dad are excited to buy stuff for a baby.

4. It is important to continue the generation. When a couple has a child this child will grow up and perhaps get married. He/she sire his own kids so as to continue the generation.

5. It can benefit science and medicine. Nowadays stem cells from babies and umbilical cords from the newborn are used in the research and treatment of various medical conditions like cancer and heart disease.

6. It changes your life and dramatically at that. The introduction of a new baby in the family is the beginning of a totally different chapter in your lives. Your life and that of the people around you suddenly and dramatically changes.

7. It allows you to leave a legacy. For the families, having children is assuring a legacy of influencing life and taking part in shaping the next generation

8. It helps strengthen the relationship in the family. For many couples, a baby is a confirmation and embodiment of their love for each other. It further strengthens their bond as husband and wife.

9. It gives your life more meaning. Having a baby can add more meaning to your life. You no longer mind your own life or that of your spouse as your grownups able to fend themselves

10. Shows the mother or father is active and normal. If the two can bear children this means they are active and normal.



1. It is an added responsibility. There are couples and partners who decide to postpone having a new member in the family or having a baby at all because they are not ready to shoulder another responsibility.

2. It is expensive. Starting a family is not that easy especially if the husband and wife are not financially stable

3. It requires a lot of attention. Apart from the financial burden having a baby will demand time from both parents especially on the mother.

4. It can be an issue in the divorce. The custody of their children is one of the problems for couples who are in the process of separation. Legal and emotional battles are faced by both parents and the children

5. It requires more money than you imagined. The baby requires more money than you do you with your partner this is incurred in the baby’s stuff.

6. It may cause health complications. For some mothers conceiving a baby is a total health risk they are physically and biologically inept to have a baby.

7. It disrupts your currents relationships. Parents juggling too many things at a time including full-time job and child-rearing become preoccupied with meeting family needs.

8. Children are so demanding. A child may demand many unplanned things within a short period of time

9. Waste a lot of time or time-consuming. In that children needs a lot of attention then a lot of time will need to give the child attention.

10. It changes the living standards. When you have a child the living standards changes.

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