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Pros and Cons of Abortion

Some people consider having an abortion as a woman’s right and therefore the religious bodies’ government should not interfere. Although there has been a debate whether abortion is legal, some women have resorted to some illegal abortion procedures which not only cause the death of the fetus but also endanger their lives. Consider the following pros and cons before going for abortion.



1. Fundamental right: Under the law of land, the US constitution gives some rights to privacy. This right enables women to decide whether to terminate their pregnancy or keep it.

2. Control over your body: Women have control over their body and have the freedom to do what they want with it. They don’t have to be punished with a baby they don’t want.

3. Personhood begins after birth: A person’s age is calculated after birth, therefore, abortion is seen as the termination of pregnancy. The unborn babies are not independent or even self-determine things.

4. Reduce maternal injury: Legal and professionally carried abortions reduces maternal death caused by unsafe abortions

5. Safe procedures: The modern abortion procedures are safe. No health issues like cancer or infertility caused by abortion and the risk of a woman dying is low compared to the risk of dying during childbirth.

6. Less mental problems: Women who received abortion have less mental health implications compared to those who didn’t receive. Those who were denied felt more anger and a lot of regrets. Those who received abortion felt that they made the right decision.

7. Licensed physicians: The Medical Association recognize abortion induced by a licensed professional with good medical practices. The patients are assured of in good care of a qualified physician.

8. An option of having babies: Couples have an option of choosing whether they want babies or not especially if they have a life-threating medical condition.

9. Reduce financial burden: 73% of women who do abortion have inadequate financial resources to support the child, therefore an abortion will protect them from financial burden and any interference of their career or education.

10. Population control: Abortion is an effective tool for any unwanted pregnancy and can be used to control the population of people in the country.



1. Abortion is murder: Killing is wrong and killing of the innocent human being inform of abortion is wrong. According to federal victims of violence act, the law should punish anyone who intentionally procures an abortion.

2. Violates human right: Once you conceive, a life begins. When you do an abortion, it will be violating the right of the unborn baby. Unborn babies are humans and they have the right to life.

3. Defies the word of God: Any form of killing defies the word of God. Once a baby is conceived, he is considered a child of God and procuring an abortion results in the killing of a human being.

4. The pain of the fetus: Abortion cause pain to the fetus especially if done after 20 weeks of gestation.

5. Psychological damage: A research published in Scandinavian Public Health Journal indicated that women who went for an abortion at a young age have a higher risk of depression. Some even end-up committing suicide.

6.Increases the likelihood of future miscarriage: Induced abortion can lead to first trimester miscarriages to some women.

7Lead to breast cancer development: Immature cells that facilitate breast growth in preparation for breastfeeding can increase the likelihood of cancer after an abortion is induced.

8. Eliminate future societal contribution: If mothers aborted all the heroes and the great people in the country, then they won’t have a chance to contribute to the development of the country.

9. Selective abortion: Abortion based on genetic abnormalities leads to discrimination. Having disabilities doesn’t make you less human.

10. The risk of motherhood: Frequent abortions can prevent you from being pregnant again.

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