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Pros and Cons of generation Z

Generation Z members are born between 1996 and 2014. They are more innovative, tech-savvy, and are emotionally intelligent compared to gen y individuals. Gen z are true digital natives and aware of the troubled planet.

They’re open-minded and want to make a difference wherever they go.



1. Always wired: Gen Z kids are born in a world with the internet and cellphones. They have never known a world without the use of smartphones and the internet and spend a lot of time online.

2. They’re everywhere: According to research on the US census, Gen Z is 24.3% more than millennials who are 22.1%, the gen x who are 19%, and baby boomers who are 22.9%.

3. Digital communication: Their mode of communication is through digital media through the social network and texting.

4. Multiracial: Gen Z members are more diverse and have friends from different ethnicities. They like to interact with others from ethnic minorities and like to marry people from other ethnicities.

5. Tech competent: Gen Z individuals are tech competent and pick developments quicker than other generations. In the workplace, they are quick to grab new technical skills.

6. Natural entrepreneurs: Gen Z individuals are risk-takers and are venturing more into businesses than looking for employment. 72% of them want to be entrepreneurs and create employment for others

7. Accepts sexual fluidity: they’re more accepting of gay relationships and transgender rights. They are more open-minded and support different sexualities; to them, it is part of life.

8. Independent: They’re pretty confident and self-centered and always ready to make their own decisions without worrying too much about the consequences of their actions.

9. Multi-tasking: Gen Z individuals are able to multitask compared to other generations. They’re always active in the workplace and can open up to 5 screens at once.

10. Expected to save the world: They’re more just-minded, pluralistic, and like to take charge of their own future. There are more creative and work for success. They are born in a world of terror wars, and recession and work hard to procure a better future for their kids.



1. Over-reliance on technology: Gen Z doesn’t know life outside technology and they rely on technology to solve all the problems they have. They also know little about life before social media.

2. Lack of real-life wisdom: Although they’re confident and self-centered, they lack real-life wisdom to handle most of the challenges they come across.

3. Cyber-attacks: They face a lot of cyber-bullying, internet porn, sexting, and hookups which may be unhealthy to them. Their social network actions can contribute to scams, identity theft, and hacking.

4. Internet addiction: They spend more hours over the internet. Most of them spend approximately 6 hours a day on the internet.

5. Not loyal: Gen Z are not likely to stay in one company for too much, they’re more aggressive and are always looking for new favorable opportunities, and don’t show too much loyalty to the company.

6. Demanding: Gen Z has high workplace expectations compared to Gen Y are more easily frustrated in the workplace making them always move from one workplace to another in a short time.

7. Cynical: They are regarded as cynical than the millennials and they favor a realistic outlook over idealism.

8. Lack of experience: Gen Z lacks work experience and companies have to invest more in training and development to improve their skills.

9. Unpredictable: Gen Z are always dynamic and have an unpredictable career path, they keep on shifting from one job to another until they get want they want.

10. Prefer remote work: Gen Z individuals favor flexible work conditions. They prefer to work in remote areas and do jobs that rely mostly on technology.

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  1. Waitingforskipad(s)

    DOOMED!! We’re all DOOMED!! I tell you.

    1. Gen z

      Gosh so dramatic most of the gen z cons are just because their young.

      1. Gen Z

        Ur right and also gen z are being pressured by previous generation because we are better in other ways

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