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Pros and Cons of Being Single

Being single is the state of being in no relationship or without having a partner of either the same or opposite gender. Sometimes relationships are miserable, and thus, people chose to live a single life which seems to be better than relationships. However, everything that is considered good may be poison somehow; this directs us to the pros and cons related to single life.


Pros of Being Single

The state of being single comes along with many benefits and advantages to the individual. Some of them are:

1. High level of freedom: being single allows one to enjoy the freedom of high level. As long as anything is legal, you can do it freely without consulting anyone as opposed to when you are in a relationship, and you have to consult and compromise with your partner, which limits some freedom.

2. Encourage hard work: hard work is one of the positive results of being single. You can invest much of your time in your career and business since there are no meet-ups and related activities that waste time. Thus, being single can allow one to work quite harder and longer hours.

3. Low level of stress: those in a relationship are exposed to stress from the argument and other petty issues. In contrast, being single can improve his or her emotional state since there are minimal sources of stress.

4. Save money: too much spending of money is like the signature of any given relationship, and thus they are costly. In many cases, one partner (mostly the male) pays for most things, and the other partner wants to benefit from the relationship. Being single enables one to save money since only a few needs are involved.

5. Happiness: many people in relationships are unhappy most of their days. It is rare to meet someone who exactly matches your expectations; the few differences between the two partners are the major cause of unhappiness. Singlehood helps to avoid all these.

6. Higher quality of sleep: it is believed that single people enjoy more than those in a relationship. One of the reasons for this is stress; stress is common to people in a relationship. Secondly, partner snoring; snoring from a partner is a great challenge as it greatly affects the partner’s sleep.

7. Traveling and enjoying nature: Being single enables one to travel as it is less expensive and can travel anytime without consulting anyone.

8. No need for jealousy: relationships are the mothers of jealousy. People in relationships are familiar with jealousy as they fear losing their partners. In contrast, when one is single, there is no need for jealousy. Since you don’t have a partner, you need to worry about losing.

9. Independency: in a relationship, one of the partners largely depends on the other partner. In case of death or other misfortune, the dependent partner suffers a lot. Singlehood status allows one to learn how to become independent and to depend on oneself.

10. More time with friends: if you are single, you can flirt easily and spend more time with friends than when you are in a relationship.

11. You can deal with frustration easily: single people can deal with frustration easily as compared to those in a relationship. Also, they always feel like they should have a partner; this feeling enables and equips them to deal with frustration in the future.

12. Most relationships are not long-lasting: in the current world, most of the relationships are not long-lasting, which means single people are safe from frustrations.


Cons of Being Single

Some of the disadvantages of being single include:

1. Loneliness: one of the downsides of being single is loneliness since you don’t have a partner to keep you company. However, some people can handle loneliness quite well while others can’t deal with it.

2. Peer pressure: single people usually receive social pressure from there and also from their parents, who expect them to marry and have children. This form of pressure may make them feel unwanted.

3. Isolation: being single can lead to social isolation. In many events, couples organize parties and events that are suitable for people in relationships. This isolates single people.

4. Mental problems: people in a relationship can share their problems amongst themselves and thus relieving their minds from stress. In contrast, single people got no one to share their problems; this puts them at risk of depression and stress, which greatly affects the proper functioning of the brain.

5. Lower self-esteem: people who are single feel like something is missing that why they are single. For instance, when you hang out with people in a relationship, you may feel emotionally challenged.

6. No cost-sharing: another downside of living a single life is that you can’t cost share your daily expenses with anyone else. You depend on yourself; this may pose a great challenge when one is financially unstable.

7. You can’t have kids- single people feel the bitter side of singlehood when they want children. However, studies have proven you can have kids without having a partner. Also, the technological process of getting children may be expensive to some people and therefore scaring them away and living with no children.

8. Lack of intimacy: Single people are likely to suffer from a lack of intimacy. This state of intimacy brings loneliness which in turn gives birth to mental problems.

9. No shoulder to lean on: Life is enjoyable when you got someone who got your back. However, to single people, this is not possible. They don’t have a close friend whom they would depend on in case of anything. They say a problem shared is a problem solved; this may not be the case with single people; problems and stress accumulate, resulting in mental problems and depression.

10. Lack of companionship: single people lack companionship, a situation where an individual doesn’t have someone to spend time with or keep company.

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  2. Mike

    When you’re married with a family overall it is much better than being single and alone all the time which can lead to depression, and it becomes very unhealthy for that person also. Sharing your life with someone is the best.

    1. Paul

      Yes Mike. I’m an autistic celibate because I grew up with adults, always got rejected by dumb females and want to avoid heartbreak. My folks have been married for 48 years and I just want companionship.

  3. Wilson cristo

    Wow love it
    What a nice peice

  4. Peter Wise, son of Richard

    I chose the bachelor life a long time ago. Most guys have one relationship and it falls apart, the guy never tries again because he doesn’t want to be hurt twice. I seen marriages that didn’t work out, in the end. I don’t want to run that risk.
    While I feel lonely, I do have a girlfriend. We are best friends and that’s about as far as it goes. The thought of actually marrying her scares me. She doesn’t want that either.

  5. Zeus71

    I am working on accepting the fact of ending up alone. I am looking and researching the pros and cons of being single. Through my limited research I am seeing that even though there is relatively the same number of issues for both being in a relationship or not, but the impact of these issues is greater for not being in a relationship. for example, single you have access to travel but a greater chance of depression. I would happily give up my depression and the freedom for travel. I do not travel much because I am depressed and am lucky if I can travel from couch to fridge.
    Apologies my mind is a little scrambled with this.

  6. Knowlegezero

    I simple don’t want to end up with a unattractive person. Most women start to look less attractive after 27 or after having a child. Overweight women are not fun to be with because of the weight it ruins sex. I personally enjoy being single I look the freedom being single offers. Dating is fun and sex is open to whoever you choose. So I believe being single is best in my opinion.

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