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Pros and cons of finger tattoos

Nowadays, people are not shy about tattooing almost every part of their bodies including the fingers. In fact, finger tattoos have become a common trend in recent times and even celebrities are flaunting them. Whether it’s a small hidden tattoo on the sides of a finger or a cute one to match your style, there are several things you have to know about finger tattoos. This way, you will know if you are making the right decision or not.

Also, there are a few things associated with finger tattoos such as how they will affect your profession. I have provided the benefits and demerits of finger tattoos that will help you define the way to go.



1. Finger tattoos are cute and aesthetically pleasing. The main reason why we tattoo is actually for aesthetic appeal. Well, I don’t think there is a cuter and more beautiful tattoo than the finger tattoo. The fact that they are small and discrete makes them look gorgeous.

2. They are simple. The best thing about finger tattoos is that they have cute but simple designs. This means that you won’t have to spend much time waiting for a complex design to be done. Besides, it will be less painful.

3. Finger tattoos always spark conversations. This is a plus for extroverts who will spend hours talking about this and that. Your finger tattoo may be the basis of conversations with lots of people who are curious about its design or the meaning behind it.

4. They can be personalized or depict a deeper meaning. Many people get finger tattoos as a way of portraying a bespoke meaning. For instance, it can initial to signify an important name or numerical for a special date. Others get a ring to show love.

5. You can get a wedding ring tattoo. A wedding ring tattoo may be a good idea simply because you won’t lose it. It will always be there and it looks really good if you get an experienced professional to do it.

6. Finger tattoos are suitable for all ages. Adolescents, teenagers, and adults alike can have finger tattoos. They appeal to everyone and most importantly they are trendy. These are the things people are looking for and why the masses are getting finger tattoos.

7. With proper care, the tattoo can last a lifetime. Finger tattoos are known to be delicate and can easily fade. However, with proper care and occasional add ons, this tattoo will stay on your finger your entire lifetime.

8. A wide variety of designs. Finger tattoos may be simple and small but there are so many designs available for you to choose from. Ranging from lines, patterns, alphabets, hearts, and musicals just to mention a few.

9. Finger tattoos are cheaper. This kind of tattoo is actually more affordable than tattoos on other parts of the body. Since they are mostly small and don’t require so much detail, then you won’t have to break the bank.

10. They are perfect for first-timers. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, then you might want to consider a finger tattoo. They are small, reasonable and you can hide them if you are still not sure.



1. They take longer to heal. This is probably one reason why you might regret having got a finger tattoo. It takes quite a long to heal considering you have to keep the tattoo covered and limit the use of your hands. Also, it will be hard to avoid soap and chemical products from getting in contact with it.

2. The pain is excruciating. It takes a strong heart to get a finger tattoo. It hurts a lot probably more than a tattoo on other parts of the body. This is because there is a high concentration of nerve cells below the skin on the fingers.

3. The tattoo fades easily. You will have to invest in a reputable tattooist who uses good quality ink. Otherwise, your tattoo will fade in no time. Remember, the hands are in constant daily use, and also the skin on the fingers is tender as well as thin.

4. Finger tattoos are not perfect. This is not the kind of tattoo for a perfectionist. This is definitely not the place for those intricate and complicated designs. There is limited space and the skin is thin. For this reason, the black ink may not look that dark or bright as it should be.

5. Difficult to maintain and requires commitment. Finger tattoos are the most difficult to maintain. For instance, you will have to redo the tattoo several times if you want it to look good. Furthermore, the entire process is not only hectic but also time-consuming and hectic. The fingers have to be oiled all the time to prevent friction. Make sure you are ready for all this.

6. The removal process is tricky. The same way it’s daunting to do a finger tattoo, the removal process is even worse. It’s complicated, painful, and time-consuming.

7. It comes at a big cost. Getting the tattoo itself may not be costly. Additional costs come up during retouching and maintenance. You will find that you have spent more than you had actually budgeted.

8. They are not suitable for some professions. This is an important factor to always have in mind before you get a finger tattoo. It can deny you some opportunities in the future especially career-wise. If your profession does not approve of finger tattoos, then at least ensure they can be hidden with clothing.

9. Tattooing the fingers is problematic. As I had earlier mentioned, there is quite a small and limited space. It may take the tattooist hours just to get it done well. They can’t rush because they’re very high chances of messing up.

10. They evoke curiosity. There is nothing wrong with people constantly asking questions about your tattoo, but it can get annoying too. Introverts will definitely not welcome the idea of having to answer a load of questions about a finger tattoo.

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