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Pros and Cons of dating a marine

A marine is a member of the forces just like any other soldier, but they are stationed in different parts of the world for deployment. They fall under the Naval department and are trained in both sea and land.

Pros of dating a marine

1. They are strong: They are fit and healthy because of the vigorous training they go through regularly. Marine persons maintain a fitness routine because they can be recruited for war. You can always take advantage of this and train together as a couple to be fit like them.

2. They are principled: They are disciplined and responsible. In addition, they prefer having a scheduled life and maintaining a high level of hygiene. They have a list of things they will never do or give in to since they have an image to protect.

3. They will give you security: Marines are protective. Nothing can harm you when around them. They are always ready to protect their family and property in case of any emergency or attack.

4. They are punctual: Marine always keep time. Hence you will never expect them to be late on your dates or any other special occasions. They will never flake on you or disappoint you in plans as they hardly forget. This is because of the time-conscious routine in their line of duty.

5. They have a good salary: Marines are well paid and enjoy a lot of allowances. Dating a marine comes with the opportunity to enjoy part of this fortune to shop, vacations, and multiple dates.

Cons of dating a marine

1. They lack a sense of humor: When dating a Marine, cope with intense situations of dark humor, which most people are not used to. They are not always direct when they want something, which means you must overthink when they tell you anything.

2. They are ever busy: Most of the time, they will be deployed away from home. Dating those means you should be ready to cope with their absence. They won’t be around during special family moments such as the birth of your newborn, anniversaries, and reaching them on the phone may also be impossible depending on where they are deployed.

3. Their life is always at risk: You will always be worried about their safety when they are away on the battlefields. Anything can happen to them when they are on deployment. They can be injured or even be killed in their line of duty. As their partner, you will always be constantly praying for their safety.

4. They will prefer their country over you: They have taken the patriotic oath of loyalty to their motherland. The Marines can do anything to protect it, even if it means risking your own life as their partner.

5. They have mental health issues: A marine will always be on the battlefield to fight. Surviving these wars as they watch their colleagues die is a traumatic experience. It will take them a lifetime to recover from such experiences, and this means they will have stress and depression.

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