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Pros and Cons of having kids

For most people, having kids is the ultimate goal that they look forward to especially after attaining adulthood. Kids are known to be a unifying factor between two people who come together to set up a life together. However, for some, this may not always be the case. We look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having kids.


1. They make you happy: Children have a way of making you happy especially when you feel like there is nothing else to look up to. Children give you a new sense of purpose in life.

2. They increase your self-esteem: Most people get their self-esteem from the fact that they have children. They are looked upon by someone who depends on them for everything in life and this provides a very strong sense of responsibility.

3. They renew your thirst for knowledge: Children have a way of making adults “go back to school”. They ask a lot of questions which makes you want to know more so that you have all the answers to their questions.

4. They give you company: Children give people company especially when they are all over the house and don’t seem to rest in one piece. The fact that you always have your children around can put loneliness at bay.

5. They are a direct pass to free parking: Haha. Children may sometimes guarantee you a direct parking at the grocery store where mothers with children are guaranteed free parking.

6. A chance to influence a life: The fact that you have a chance to influence a life means that you have a sense of purpose in your life. This also gives you self-esteem and confidence to pursue your goals.

7. They keep you sane: Contrary to popular belief, children may keep you sane for the longest time possible. The needs and dependence they give you ensures that you always stay on course and avoid deviating from the norm.

8. Elderly care: When you grow old one day, children will be there to take care of you, even though this is not always the case in all scenarios.

9. Knowledge of random facts: Children grow up in different times than our own. For this reason, they will help in giving you random facts about current affairs on subjects that you may not be aware of.

10. Free household labor: Children are a guarantee to free household labor in your house. When they grow up, they will help around the house to the point you will not need to have a help.



1. Financial strain: Kids require you to provide literally everything for them. This usually creates a financial strain on the parents that may be difficult to deal with.

2. Dealing with tantrums: Kids have a way of throwing tantrums in the house in a way that is irritating to the parents. In cases where this cannot be controlled, it may be very uncomfortable.

3. Arguments when they are teenagers: When kids grow up to be teenagers and the parents have stopped being their heroes, they start being stubborn and arguing all the time to have their way. This can be very irritating.

4. Constant worrying about their wellbeing: As parents, you must always stay worried about your kids and where they are at all times. You are always concerned about their wellbeing to the point where you forget about your own life.

5. Freedom limitation: When kids come your way, you will no longer have your own personal freedom to do your own things independently. Your life will always revolve around the children.

6. Limited time for yourself: There is barely time left for yourself once you have children to deal with. They demand so much from you to the point there is very limited time left for yourself.

7. Decision making for others: You have to make decisions for your children all the time regardless of how they perceive it. Children depend on you for their wellbeing and you will have to make all their decisions for them.

8. Relationship difficulties: It is difficult to start new relationships when you have kids because they take too much of your time.

9. Less free time: When kids come, there is less free time for you to pursue your hobbies and other things that might be of interest to you.

10. Constantly being on the lookout: Kids drive your attention too high and you are always on the lookout for them.

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