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Pros and Cons of Dating the Zodiac

Zodiac is a sign which has unique characteristics. While dating someone it is good to know his or her zodiac so as to predict what you expect of him or her.

Some of the advantages of dating a zodiac are;



1. Taurus are loving and protective: When you are dating a Taurus you always assured that you are in the safe hands.  That is, you have fallen in the hands of someone who has nothing else for you but to show you great love. A Taurus always want to be part of support to his or her partner and also they know how to take care of the household.

2. Gemini has excellent communication: When dating a Gemini you are assured that you will not get bored as they are great talkers. A Gemini is sociable to his or her partner. He/she will always put the need of his or her partner first.

3. Cancer is respectful: Dating a Cancer implies that you are dating with a person who respects the relationship and is committed to it. Cancers can be trusted with anything. Open your heart to dating him/her and you are assured of committed from him/her. They are ready to come face to face with anything that may arise as they do not fear.

4. Leo is attractive and compelling: Dating a Leo you are assured of an exciting relationship full of fun. Leos are extremely hot and dating them will always make great memories to look back at. You will never have a dull moment in your dating life.

5. Virgo is very sweet and mature: Virgo is always humble and is always considered to make matured decisions. Virgo always makes wise decisions when it comes to matters concerning relationships. A Virgo will always consider the feelings of his or her partner and are always reliable.

6. Libra is the best kissers: Libra will always want his or her partner look very special, feel attractive and vibrant. Libra is always charming and will always keep the relationship alive.

7. Scorpio keeps the secrets of the relationship between themselves: Scorpion is usually intense in everything including sex life and emotions. When you date a scorpion you do it with passion.

8. Sagittarius is always of fun: They are always up to get new experience and therefore the relationship will always be full of fun.

9. Capricorn are always trustworthy: You will never see a Capricorn cheating on you as they are always faithful and loyal to their relationship. They will always wait for special occasions to make their lovers special with many gifts and flowers.

10. Aquarius is always forward-thinking and accepting: They always try to come up with something new and surprises to their loved ones. Dating an Aquarius makes the partner feel comfortable and relieved.



1. Taurus are very stubborn: When a Taurus falls into an argument with his or her partner, he or she is going to use every means to win. They believe they cannot be defeated by anybody and they think they are always right.

2. Gemini can make the partner feel inferior: Because they are too intelligent they believe they know everything. Therefore they cannot be advised anything by the partner and the partner has no say in the relationship.

3. Cancer gets upsets very fast: They have always swinging moods. They can make a huge judgment out of something small you never imagined it could have caused that big issue. Dating them is very difficult as the partner does not really understand what side of you they are going to encounter the following day.

4. Leo is irresponsible: They are not very sensitive to other people’s feelings and therefore can be very upsetting to the partner. Leo can run away from the relationship if he or she thinks that it is leading to a mess leaving the partner to fight alone.

5. Virgo is always very sensitive: They are very doubtful to your sincerity when you try to help them. They always have a second thought of why you are trying to help them.

6. Libra is very frustrating: They do not like engaging themselves in conflicts so whenever a conflict arises in the relationship he or she may move away from the relationship leaving the partner heartbroken

7. Scorpio is very intense: They keep a lot of secrets for themselves and therefore the partner may not understand what is going on in their relationship. The partner should be very understanding in order to keep the relationship alive.

8. Sagittarius are not committed: They are of mixed signals and can’t stand a serious relationship. They will tend to run away from the relationship when they imagine their liberty is being threatened.

9. Capricorn handles things by themselves: They believe their life is their own and therefore handle things by themselves. They cannot involve themselves in relationship conflicts and therefore it becomes very hard to solve the problems that arise in it.

10. Aquarius is very emotional: It becomes very hard for the partner to know an Aquarius deeper as they feel offended very fast when they think they are being bothered about their personal life.

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