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Pros and Cons of Multiculturalism

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Acceptance and promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a particular jurisdiction form a multicultural nation. Multicultural ideologies are created through advocacy of cultural believes from immigrants of different jurisdictions around the world or the evolution of people from different ethnicities. Let’s look at the pros and cons of having a multicultural nation.



1. Innovation and creativity: Immigrants from different nations bring a great source of diverse knowledge and experience. They help improve trade and bring a lot of creativity and innovation to a country.

2. Economic growth: Doing business with people from different cultural jurisdictions like immigrants can bring in new skills in the business. This helps a business tap into local and international markets which contributes to economic growth.

3. Community flavor and flair: Ethnic restaurants and stores add flavor and color to communities to attract tourists through their cultural celebrations, diverse cultural foods, and participation in local festivals.

4. Understand people: Multiculturalism helps us understand diverse cultures and lets us know how to get along or interact with people from different cultures.

5. Know what culture to take up: It enables you to find out what other cultures can be combined or used in your culture.

6. Learn different languages: You can be friends with people from different nations and as you interact with them, you can learn their language.

7. Know religion and traditions: Multiculturalism gives you an opportunity to know other countries and know new traditions, new cultures, and religions by interacting with them.

8. Diversification: You will have unmatched experience from a multinational society. You will get different opinions, solutions, and cultures from different people you interact with.

9. Education: It brings a lot of changes in the education sector in order to give more exposure to children and let them learn about different perspectives and reduce racial discrimination.

10. Skilled migrant labor: A multiethnic country is a home for many immigrants with the majority of them being a highly skilled workforce. The skilled workforce brings a mix of cultural experience needed for problem-solving and creating a strong team.



1. Religious conflicts: Different religious beliefs bring a lot of conflicts within the community and can bring tribal clashes.

2. Language barrier: People from different cultures use different languages or terms which are different from that of the natives creating some barrier in communication.

3. Dealing with different cultures: It is difficult for people to deal with different cultures, understanding their believes and norms.

4. Fear of influence: Dealing with a multicultural society creates some fear among the individuals that they may lose their original culture and identity by adopting cultures from others inform of lifestyle, dressing, and other attributes of foreign cultures.

5. Bring differences in the society: People from different nationalities bring everything from their homeland and the natives are not fond of that since it brings a lot of changes.

6. Education: Children from ethnic minority cultures or immigrants may take longer to be accustomed to the local culture and this affects their academic performance.

7. Risk of social conflicts: A social conflict can occur due to differences in beliefs, practices, and ethnic rituals. Certain ways of life may cause conflicts between two or more groups.

8. Difficult managing multicultural workforce: It is very demanding to manage a multicultural workforce. The minority group may feel overwhelmed by adopting diverse cultures. This makes it difficult for the multicultural team to collaborate.

9. Dependent on another culture: It diminishes’ one’s culture and leads to dependent on another culture through learning new traditions and new ways of thinking.

10. Phase-out of defined cultures: A multicultural world results in phasing out of defined cultures existing throughout history.

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  1. phoebe

    it gave me a lot of positive look 2 multiculturalism

  2. Wolf

    I think Phoebe has a good point.

  3. kjh

    there are no pros

    1. Dina

      Truer words were never spoken. Kudos for having the courage to speak out.

  4. Murray

    In every posting about the pros of multiculturalism…you get to learn a new language is there….I can’t help but laugh in both English & French…

  5. ben

    the pro’s you list are all things a non-multiculti society already has but I wanted to point out this number 8 as its not only untrue hopefully not deliberate I have my doubts but I can still hope it wasn’t.
    Diversification: You will have unmatched experience from a multinational society. You will get different opinions, solutions, and cultures from different people you interact with.
    this already happens, I mean look at Russia (they did a pretty good job of and still do in a lot of ways today) keeping up with the west without needing a bunch of different color people, I mean its not working, its really not and I’m a black guy seeing this so no one can throw out the racisisms cards though they will still try it it just doesn’t work out as the non-white person can’t be that as only whitey can be racisisms and stuff (wink wink).

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