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Pros and cons of divorce

Everyone gets into a marriage with high expectations that they are likely to have an awesome and very exemplary family. To the surprise of many, this is not always the case. There are some chances that your marriage can come to an end. Regardless of the situation, the end of a marriage stirs different emotions from people. Some of them think that divorce is good for them while others would face this with dare stress and depression. You may think that yes, divorce is good but the fact is it also comes with some taunt perks.



1. You can now relax-In many marriages, there’s a lot of tension and so many responsibilities. If you have always thought that you are being overworked with little chances of having time for yourself, then a divorce can give you exactly that time you need.

2. A freedom-every person wants their own freedom. When you are done with your marriage, you will have a lot of freedom, the freedom to do what you want and the freedom of making sole decisions.

3. High chances of realizing your dreams-There are many constraints in your marriage that are hindering your progress into realizing your dreams. Once you are done, you will be free and in a greater chance of realizing your dreams.

4. Happiness-The fact that you are approaching a divorce means that you are not happy with your current marriage. When you get the divorce, you regain your happiness.

5. You have a chance to move on-Maybe the person you already have is not right for you. Now when you finalize your divorce, you will be in a better position to find your perfect match. You will be very familiar with what you need in a marriage a reason why you can be careful in the future.

6. Reuniting with your friends-When you are constrained in a marriage, maybe you will not get enough time for your friends. After a divorce, you can always get back to your life before marriage. You choose your friends to keep.

7. You become a better parent when you are in a relationship that you don’t like, you always have your mind focused on other things rather than the parenthood. After a divorce, you will have a chance to raise your children better.

8. Escape a violent situation-There are many things going on in your relationship that you should get a divorce to avoid, talk about domestic abuse and fights.

9. Establish a distance with your ex-Now that you are alone, you will not have to raise the same arguments with your ex. You have your own life and they have their own.

10. Love yourself when you are in a violent relationship, you will always have reasons to blame and hate yourself. In such a case, a divorce will give you another chance of loving yourself.



With so many pros, you can expect that there are some perks also. Here are some of the cons of divorce.

1. Who’s with my children– If you already had children, after a divorce, you will always be worried about the person your ex choose to stay with. Is that person good for my children or not?

2. It’s Obvious you are divorced and wounded-When you get a divorce, you will always be alone and everyone will know your situation.

3. You have to put up with their spouses-Even after a divorce, if you had children together, you will have to put up with their current spouses because you will always be in touch.

4. You will now have more responsibilities-After a divorce, there’s no more support from your ex. If you want any financial support, you will get it somewhere else.

5. Loneliness-After a divorce, you will be wounded and feel lonely. It will also take your time to recover from this loneliness.

6. You will always blame yourself-After a divorce is initiated, you will think that you were not doing enough to keep your marriage. Though, with time this will be eliminated.

7. The children will be hurt-Everything that happens between the parents will directly affect the children. So, you can expect that the children will be affected and will take a long time to get over it.

8. There’s the shame of being divorced-Your friends and family will think you are not doing enough for your marriage. You will also be ashamed of your efforts.

9. The feelings of failure-when you are divorced, you will feel like a failure. Your friends and relatives will also take you as a failure.

10. Feelings of helplessness-Lastly, you will feel like you are being overwhelmed by life. You will need to get to seek professional support because this can stress or even depress you.

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