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Pros and Cons of Gun Control

There is an increased number of firearms among citizens especially in the US. A debate on gun control has been a major concern. Many proponents believe that gun control will lead to reduced crime rates and suicide among the citizens although it hasn’t been proved. This article will give you arguments for and against the gun control.



1. Reduce crime rates: If everyone is allowed to own a gun, this will lead to an increase in crimes in urban areas because you don’t know genuine firearm owners and those with criminal thoughts. There is a correlation in the number of crime rates and gun possession.

2. Self-defense: Home firearm owners can use the gun to kill a friend or any family member than they use it on an intruder. Therefore, there must be a restriction on owning and use of guns to avoid further killings.

3. Reduced homicide: Control and reduction of gun licensing reduce homicide rates. In countries where there are gun bans, there are few reported homicides.

4. Decreased Suicide: In countries where guns are banned, there is a decrease in suicide rates. Although the victims may result in other suicide methods, they may not be as effective as using a gun.

5. Reduced gun accidents: Gun control will reduce some of the accidents caused by improper handling of the guns. Without the gun, no accidents.

6. Reduced police killings: In countries where there is no gun control, there is a correlation between the number of firearm ownership and the reduced number of police killings.

7. Reduced mass killings: Increase in gun ownership has led to increased mass public shootings. According to research by the University of Chicago, restriction to own guns reduces the frequency of mass public shooting.

8. Legal requirement: According to 2nd Amendment law, the government gives the right to the “well-regulated” militia to own the firearms thus restricting the number of people who own firearms.

9. Reduces purchase of guns: Without gun restriction laws, guns are sold to unlicensed residents of the state. Gun control can help to close these loophole.

10. No confiscation: Licensing and free training on guns’ safety are offered as part of gun control to few persons thus no restriction or any confiscation.



1. Less protection: The police cannot protect everyone thus individuals with licensed firearms can use them for self-defense against any intruders or burglars. This is not possible without the guns.

2. Increased crime rate: Guns deter crimes and banning the use of guns to increase crime rates. Criminals fear to break into houses where they think the owners are in possession of guns and this reduces crime rates.

3. A threat from outside invasion: Some countries like Switzerland have increased the threat of outside invasion and restricting home firearms can make the people more vulnerable to attacks from intruders.

4. Civil right: Every individual has the right to own a firearm for legitimate purposes under the US constitution. This includes the use of guns for home self-defense.

5. Conflict constitutional right: As it is a right to possess the gun, any law that deters the possession of the guns conflicts with the 2nd amendment constitutional right.

6Act as an equalizer: Guns can enable women to protect themselves against strong men who attack them.

7Security: Allowing gun ownership to citizens and militias helps them protect themselves against any invasion. Gun control will act as a form of dictatorship which will live the citizens at the mercy of the government.

8. Use of alternative weapons: Restricting guns won’t deter criminals from using other weapons like knives to commit murder.

9. Increased supply in black markets: If guns were banned, people will obtain then in one way or another especially from the black market.

10. Reduces self-reliance: Strict gun control makes people more dependent on the government thus, they become helpless and can’t take care of themselves.

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  1. Victoria Addington

    My brother asked me to come with him to a gun store since he’s planning to purchase one for his training next week. Thanks for helping me learn about gun control. I agree with what you said that there must be a proper restriction on the use of guns as well as owning one in order to prevent homicide incidents. With that said, we’ll then make sure that my brother has the legal requirement to own a firearm.

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