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Pros and Cons of E-Cigarettes

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E-cigarette is a vaping technique used by smokers to help quit their smoking habits. The Electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device filled with nicotine liquid to supplement the tobacco, and tar substance in cigarettes. There are a lot of pros and cons of taking e-cigarettes and some are listed below.



1. No toxic chemicals: Although e-cigarettes contain nicotine substance, they do not have the toxic chemicals, tobacco, and tar found in a normal cigarette smoke.

2. Healthy life: E-cigarettes have different quantity of nicotine with some having the nicotine flavor only. Users will have more energy and breathe more easily since it helps prevent lung problems, heart diseases, and cancer caused by smoking traditional cigarettes.

3. Minimize withdrawal effects: When you take an e-cigarette, it gives you the sensation of smoking thus helping you minimize nicotine withdrawal effects like depression, irritation, fatigue or even increased hunger.

4. Improve lives: E-cigarettes help improve lives of people with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which causes 90% death to those who smoke cigarettes.

5. Cost-effective: Compared to the normal cigarettes, the e-cigarette is cheaper. You only need to buy a starter kit which may cost you around $10 to $12 whereas cigarette packets cost $5 to $14 per pack based on where you are.

6. Alternative for smokers: E-cigarette is used as an alternative for long-term cigarette smokers who are unable to quit smoking.

7. Less risky: They are conventional methods that pose fewer health risks as compared to traditional combustible cigarettes. E-cigarettes have mild to moderate cases of asthma.

8. No ashes or smoke: E-cigarettes don’t emit smoke or ashes thus, used in places where cigarette smoking is not allowed. There is no secondhand smoke making the air safe for those around you.

9. Less danger to passive smokers: The vapor produced after heating liquid nicotine doesn’t contain many dangerous substances which can harm passive smokers like cigarette smoke.

10. Fewer fire accidents: E-cigarettes are less likely to cause fire compared to traditional cigarettes which cause fire more often.



1. No regulations: E-cigarettes are not subjected to manufacturing, distribution and marketing regulations like the cigarettes under the Tobacco Control Act. There are no FDA regulations on the e-cigarette.

2. Side effects: Although no long-term research done on the potential health risk of the e-cigarette, the chemicals in the vapor emitted could affect your lungs and have other health issues. Those who take e-cigars complain of headaches, dizziness and dry mouth immediately after taking it.

3. High blood pressure: Nicotine contained in e-cigarette may have lifetime addiction and this can raise blood pressure or restrict blood flow to those who use it. Swallowed nicotine increase exposure to a carcinogen.

4. Dual use: The smokers will increase intake of e-cigarettes in public places as well as continue smoking traditional cigarettes wherever they can. This will reduce the chance to quit smoking.

5. Increase in heart rate: After taking nicotine from the e-cigarettes, there is an increased heart rate and the chemicals used can cause DNA damage and mutagenesis.

6Increased coughing: A research on e-cigarettes shows that long-term use of e-cigarettes results in coughing in adults and wheezing in teenagers. It may raise the risk of asthmatic conditions.

7Addictive Nicotine: Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and may make people especially teenagers’ start a lifetime addiction to the substance.

8. The explosion of e-cigars: E-cigars explode causing accidents. Faulty or misused electric chargers can cause explosives or increase the risk of burns and other accidents.

9. No restriction on sale: Since there is no federal restriction on the sale of drugs to underage kids, Teenagers who have not purchased cigarettes can use them can start experiencing smoking with the e-cigarette.

10. Affect brain development: The liquid substance affect brain development in teens and can affect fetus development increasing preterm birth and sudden death of infants.

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