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Pros and Cons Of Potty Training

The potty is the process of training someone particularly a baby child to use the toilet for urination and defecation. The training may start with a smaller toilet which is bowl-shaped often called a potty. It is a mutual task that requires cooperation and agreement between the child and the mother or the caregiver.



1. The baby becomes aware of the pee and poo and learns when he /she is peeing or pooing; the realization that he /she is eliminating is the first step in the process of teaching your child to do so in a designated place.

2. The baby becomes familiar with the potty or the toilet; he /she is able to understand and differentiate the place to pee or poo. As a result, the baby develops the skill to control her bladder. He /she will be able to use the bathroom as wanted to.

3. It saves money; mothers who manage to keep their babies in dry panties during the day save the money to buy diapers. Trained babies can be out of diapers during the day. The mother can use the diapers only during the night or when going out of the house.

4. When the baby starts using a potty the baby learns to sit still; even before reaching the age that he/she can get up and run around as the baby learns to walk and run sitting still on the potty might seem boring to them. When the baby learns from a younger age that this is the right time to sit patiently until the deed is done you find it easier to keep her sitting once she is old enough to get up and run away.

5. Training your baby may mean that you have a toddler that is smartly trained and independent; At an earlier age or stage which makes the baby ahead of other babies hence being able to do what babies of his/her age cannot do.

6. Facilitates parenthood bonding; Potty training brings you closer to the baby so that you can watch signs of elimination from the baby. It makes you more in tune with her needs and the parent is always in touch with his/her baby

7. Keeps the baby free and jovial; If the baby doesn’t have to be in diapers or nappies the baby is free with free clothes that keep him/her flexible and jovial every time during the day and can play easily.

8. Saves time for the mother; since the baby does not mess in his /her clothes and the time to put a baby diaper in that the child is using the potty

9. Keeps the baby healthy; because when the baby is in diapers and pee on it and the mother doesn’t remove it after a while, the baby can be burnt on his/her back hence potty training prevents it.

10. Potty training facilitates keeping the environment clean; since a potty is reused while diapers are used and thrown away which may lead to pollution of the environment.



1. Time-consuming; since it is the duty of the parent to take the baby to the bathroom when he/she needs to pee or poo this takes up a lot of your time and attention with the baby. There is nothing the baby can do to control his/herself during the training before the baby is used to doing his/her self.

2. Potty training is dependent on the mother or the baby’s maid or other caretakers; this is because every time the baby needs to be escorted to the washroom. He/she cannot control her bladder yet the responsibility of keeping your baby dry through the day lies on you or whoever is caring for your baby until the baby learns the skills and is used to them.

3. It is a continuous process; if you stop training either because you are traveling, have a guest or just don’t have time when you stop potty training for some time you will need to start the training all over again. if your baby is back to nappies for some time he/she may prefer to just pee in a nappy as it allows her to continue with his/her activities at the same time she pees

4. The baby may not be emotionally and physically ready; babies are unable to control their bladders and bowels until they are over eighteen months old.  It is said that children trained early may experience problems. Later, they may experience problems in using the school toilet or cannot control when they encounter stressful situations. Experts advise that it’s better to wait until the child is ready and shows interest

5. Times it can be messy always be prepared for accidents; especially at the initial stages, you may experience accidents and messes. You will have to be ready to clean and change clothes for those times your baby signals don’t work perfectly or you can’t quite get the baby to the potty in time.

6. The effort involved may be too much for many parents; potty toileting depends more on the parent than on the child. It can be hard especially if the mother of the child is working and also the spouse is also a full-time worker. Most of the daycare facilities find it hard to facilitate potty training. If you have to employ a maid, you have to make her aware of the training and she must be willing to.

7. It may frustrate sometimes; sometimes you may train the baby and think that he/she has been used to it. The baby may forget which leads to frustrations and the parent may end up beating the child.

8. The child may not be ready for the training; this may lead to forcing the baby to cooperate.

9. It is tiresome and hard; since the child has to be taken to the potty or watched every time this may be so tiresome and a burden to the caregiver.

10. It may take a longer time than expected by the caregiver; for the child to learn and get used to what he/she is guided to do.

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  1. Marieka Street

    The cons section a bunch of the reasons listed are basically rephrasing of other list items. I think I saw 3 that said “it’s difficult”, 2 that said it’s time consuming and 2 for “the child may not be ready”. I love most of the articles on this website. Usually they’re well-thought out and make valid points but this one was (and pardon the pun) a total sh*t show. What were you thinking?? And why do a pros and cons list for potty training your child?? It’s not like we have to option to NOT potty train because that’s just bad parenting. I may be wrong but aren’t pros and cons lists usually reserved for things that you have the option to do/buy/become or not? Potty training is not optional.

  2. Terrel Hernando

    My con was fully peeing inside my Fruit Of The Loom Boxer Briefs Undies. Though on the potty.

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