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Pros and Cons of Early Marriages

Early marriage is whereby two partners come together and start a family at an early age of 20 or below. Many people have chosen to marry at an early age as they view it as advantageous. They are able to settle at an early age and therefore, can involve themselves in other activities. Some of the advantages of early marriage are;



1. Adequate labor: Young married couples are still very healthy and have enough energy to provide adequately. The outcome of their work will be of great quality.

2. They are financially stable: Most young married couples are financially stable since they have all the energy to work. Therefore, they can invest enough for the future and be able to raise their family.

3. They are very understanding: People that got married at a young age will be very understanding of one another. One has all the knowledge of his or her partner as they will have learned each other a lot.

4. They make up a responsible family: A young married partners make up a responsible life as they acquire all the basic responsibilities about life together and therefore they have equal knowledge thus starting up a family cannot be a problem to them.

5. Easy to adapt and sustain life: A young marriage partners will find it easier to adapt and sustain their marriage compare to people who marry at an older age. This is because they still have a fresh mind and therefore adapting to new life is an easy task for them.

6. Early marriages are safer: Early marriages are safer compared to marrying at an old age. This is because in a young marriage the couples are able to get healthy kids at an early age when they are still working and therefore raising them is not a problem to them unlike those who marry late getting kids when they are almost retiring thus having problems in raising them.

7. Gives couples enough time to pursue their career: Marrying at an early age leaves the couples with adequate time to continue pursuing their career. They will not interfere with other problems that may hinder them from pursuing their career such as unprepared pregnancy.

8. One is able to choose his or her partner freely: When one marries at an early age, he or she will have plenty of time to learn his or her partner.  Therefore being able to choose a partner of his or her choice.

9. You are able to share living expenses: Early marriage can be of great advantage especially to the working couples as they are able to share all the expenses thus their life will always be smooth.

10. There is a commitment in a relationship: When people marry at an early age by the time they reach their late 20s they will have a good track with their partner.  They will have learned each other and committed to each other.



These are some of the disadvantages of early marriage;

1. Leads to school dropout: When the partners start dating while still in school, they may fail to complete their studies as they drop out to get married.

2. Increased poverty in society: Early marriages might lead to a level of poverty in society. This might be as a result of unpreparedness to start families and hence failing to get the basic needs.

3. Little economic growth: There will be very economic growth in a society with early married couples. This is because most of them will not invest enough which leads to economic development.

4. May lead to divorce: Most people who ended up marrying at an early age might end up divorcing. This is because when the couples were marrying they had no idea about marriage life and also had not learned much about the other.

5. Financial instability: The couples who ended up marrying at an early age might fail to get all the finances to run their families.

6. Unprepared pregnancy: Most couples who marry at an early age are not prepared for things such as pregnancy at that small age. This may force them to even practice abortion which is very risky.

7. Unemployment: Many couples who marry at a young age did not complete their educations and therefore lack many skills required for most companies in order to get employed hence remaining unemployed.

8. There are more conflicts: You will find out that many couples who got married at a young age are involved in many quarrels and fights as they are not mature enough to settle in marriage life.

9. You might feel you have limited yourself: Some people just dated for a few months and married after puberty. Therefore, they had not enough time to select the right partners of their choice or get more exposure.

10. Difficulties in raising children: In early marriages, the problem arises when they have sired children. Raising the children might be a great problem as the couple lack enough knowledge to raise them and therefore experiences a lot of challenges.

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