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Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

Gay marriage have been a controversial topic across the world with some countries legalizing the union. Gay marriage is a civil union between two people of the same sex. Some people and religion bodies consider it as taboo while others seem to welcome it. This article gives you insights into the pros and cons of gay marriage.



1. Legal rights protection: Once the couples legalize the union, they are entitled to health care, finances, and taxes protection just like normal married couples. In case one partner dies, the remaining couple will have the right to any property owned by the deceased person.

2. Rights to start a family: With legalization, the gay couples can now adopt children. They can also have their own children through surrogate mothers or through vitro fertilization. If one partner has children, the other can adopt the spouse children.

3. Less stigma: To mitigate stigmatization from the same-sex relationship, the couples legalize their union, in order to feel accepted in the society.

4. Equal laws: Before the gay and lesbian couples were not treated the same as straight couples during divorce. After the legalization of gay marriage, the couples have the right to file for divorce and receive alimony from the other.

5. Freedom: Gay marriage will give gay people the freedom to choose who they want to spend the rest of their life without any fear or discrimination from the society.

6. Encourages formal relationships and acquisition of joint assets: Once the couples legally marry, they can use the marriage certificate to acquire property together, be citizens of other countries together, and seek marital laws.

7. Puts the couples under the purview of the law: When gay couples get married, they demand commitment from their partner and this makes it difficult for them to break up or divorce each other because they are under the purview of law.

8. Health benefits: Married couples are always happy and healthy thus gay couples are not exceptional. They can easily bond and reap intangible benefits.

9. More stable: Due to low divorce rates in same-sex marriages, they are more stable than heterosexual marriages.

10. Human right: Marriage is a human right for all people in the world and gay people have the right to marry.



1. Bullying: Although the couple union is legalized, not everyone accepts the union of same-sex marriage. Children of same-sex couples end up being bullied at schools and even physically hurt.

2. Affect child development: Gay’s parents are allowed to adopt by law but this affects the child development being raised by same-sex couples. Children need both a mother and father image to have a normal childhood.

3. Burden divorce system: There are a lot of pending divorces cases on gay marriages in court. If the marriage didn’t work, it will add the burden of the divorce system on couples seeking alimony and child support.

4. Affects adoption process: Gay couples may want to adopt children due to their expensive nature to have their own children thus making it difficult for the normal straight couples to adopt children since their considered capable of having their own children.

5. Tax increase: Tax benefits given to surviving gay couple increases government expenses and may prompt the government to increase taxes to the public in order to afford this tax expense.

6It is a sin: Being involved in any homosexual acts is a sin. Although the bible doesn’t address the gay and lesbian relationship but states that homosexuality is a sin.

7Weakening heterosexual marriage: With a growing number of same-sex relationships, it is going to affect straight or heterosexual marriages.

8. Violates tradition: It is a taboo to have the same sex relationship or marriage. Our traditional culture only recognizes a man and woman marriage.

9. Limits biological conception of children: Having the same-sex couple, means they will not fulfill the biological necessity to procreate which also strengthens the union between the man and the woman.

10. Not universally legalized: There are countries which do not recognize same-sex marriage and couples who want to wed have to travel to countries which recognize the union.

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