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Pros and cons of sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are small and thin locks that are the output of a precise parting grid with specialized tools to place them into a locking form. They are different from traditional locks as they are small in size and traditional lock is about twisting and rolling, but sister lock uses interlocking tools to do most of the work. Installing a sister lock is intricate as we have some steps to follow; the steps can be more than one day. There are more steps to follow, but I will give you three important steps to install a sister lock.

Consultation: Meet an expert and ask all your questions and concerns. He or she will install a few sister locks on your head to see what style will be amazing for you.

Sisterlock session.: After he or she decides your sister lock pattern or locking pattern, full installation will start, and thus depending on your hair length, head size,e and the destiny of your hair, it can take 15 to 24 hours. It will be a long ride, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Follow-ups: You must get follow-up appointments where the expert will be looking at your hair and making any changes necessary. Here you will get grooming tips that you will be doing on your own to maintain your style.


Pros of sisterlocks

1. Versatile: They are small in size, so they have a lot of styles. You can straighten them, braid them out or twist them out. They are light too on the other end, making it easy to achieve a gorgeous pattern for your hair. Sisterlock will look different because of the different textures and patterns of your hair. To some people, it won’t be easy to differentiate if they have locks or their hair.

2. Less NO product to use: Many girls are spending more money on natural hair products, but it differs from sister locks. Less several more products to apply to your hair. Product junkie days are over. You will need some little grooming skills and comes several products.

3. Freedom during body fitness: When it comes to sweating, many girls and women change their hair strands in 3 to 5 weeks because, during body fitness, they sweat, and they will want to free themselves from dirt build-up in their head. They will be forced to wash their hair within a few weeks. With these locks, you will be fine as, after bathing, it will maintain the humidity, and your hair will look dope and increase in size.

4. It’s a lifestyle: Sisterlock is a lifestyle, not a hairstyle, as you have to live with it over a long period saving you from choosing what hairstyle you want after every three weeks.

5. Neat: Sisterlock is neat, and they don’t look like traditional locks. People love them as they are way too different when it comes to patterns that are well arranged.


Cons of sisterlocks

1. Expensive: Sisterlock is expensive to install and very expensive to maintain, so get ready to spend if you want to look good.

2. Sisterlock experts are few: Sisterlock experts are very few, so finding one is hard. Scammers are all over, too, so get your information straight before you get into anything. Look for a good place where you want to get your hair done.

​3. Structured lifestyle: Having the same hair over six months or years can be boring to some people. Take your time and decide if it is good for you.

4. Installation time: It takes a lot of time to have a sister lock installed on your head. Sometimes it takes 24 hours, depending on the expert. He or she can be a trainee or a professional.

5. Frizz: This depends on your hair type too. Some frizz is formed fast and big, but some are small, and it takes time.

6. Slippage: At the early stage, the end of your lock will become lost and will have to be locked again.

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