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Pros and Cons of Joining the Army

Joining the army is not for everyone and if you’re thinking of joining, consider these pros and cons before making your final decision.



1. Free college: If you can’t afford college fees, you can join the army and enjoy free training. The post 9/11 G.I Bill will pay for all your education needs and rental fee as long as you’re on active duty.

2. Free healthcare: When you join the army, you can enjoy the benefits of free health care and medical attention in case of accidents during assignments.

3. Discounts and free flights: One of the advantages of being in the army is the discounts which are implemented in all products sold in the army base. You can also enjoy free flights when you sign up for MAC flight as long as there is available space although sometimes it’s not 100% guarantee.

4. Job security: Once you join the army, your put in a certain job based on your skills and once there, you can go for advanced individual training. Once you complete the course, you’re allocated to the job you’re interested in.

5. Learn more about yourself: The army puts the soldiers through extreme training which makes them capable of doing anything and through those training, you can know your capabilities.

6. Skip on routine life: You can’t be bored while in the army since every time there is something new to learn or do something different so you will never be idle, bored or do routine tasks.

7. Guarantee paycheck and pay raise: When you join the army, you’re assured of receiving your paycheck during the pay dates. The government adjusts the pay raise annually based on inflation in the country.

8. Free utilities: You also enjoy free utilities from the government like living in a town under government expenses and receiving other allowances like education benefits to make you become a better person.

9. Retirement benefits: The government offers various dependable retirement benefits to the army officers.

10. Take a break from school/work: If you’re an army reserve deployed in different country or station, you can take a break from work or school.



1. Less freedom to make a personal decision: When signing up for college you have to get approval. When planning to leave a foreign country you also need approval. There are also curfews imposed based on pay grade especially if you want to go drinking at night.

2. Takes you away from family and friends: When you join the army, you can be stationed in another part of the country making you leave far away from your loved ones.

3. Early wake-up: Once you join the army, you have to wake up early every day for training and exercises.

4. Risks from free healthcare: The doctors and other medical personnel attending to you are also in the military and if they make a mistake during surgery or prescribing wrong medications, you don’t have the right to press charges.

5. Not easy to quit: Once you join the army, no quitting. You have to sign a service contract to complete within years in service. Jail term and dishonorable charge can make you leave early.

6. Unpredictable schedule: Once in the army, you’re required to always be flexible and ready to take up any duty that comes up. This makes your schedule less predictable and controllable.

7. High risks: When on mission be prepared for possible injuries and deaths.

8. No complaints: From day one of joining, you should not complain, no whining and no excuses.

9. Army food: Depending on where you’re deployed, you will either enjoy the army food or endure it and move on. Some of the food is just edible!

10. The political party of the president: No matter your political affiliation, you must be willing and ready to follow the orders of the current president and other orders from the government.

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