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Pros and Cons of Moving out

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You will not stay at your parents’ house forever; you will one day move out of their home and start a new life. Leaving home to venture and explore life on your own can evoke a plethora of emotions. You may feel some fear, excitement, and loneliness just by thinking of the idea of moving out and we all do.

Before considering taking that big milestone of independence and self-reliance, look at the following pros and cons of moving out.



1. Independence: Once you move out, you can enjoy all the freedom you need. No more rules, no curfew, and you won’t ask for permission when going out or even feel guilty when you stay out late multiple nights.

2. Create your own style: You can decorate your home based on what you want. You can choose your own theme and feel great living in a home you have created to match your style.

3. Privacy: Parents are always very inquisitive no matter how old you are. Once you move out you will have enough privacy to meet your romantic partners and stay out late at night without worrying about prying eyes.

4. Become braver: Once you take that brave move, it will be like taking the next step to adulthood and you will feel more confident in yourself and no one can take that away from you.

5. Great learning experience: Moving out will enable you to improve your life skills and general knowledge in dealing with different situations. It also enables you to grow as a person who can take care of his/her own life.

6. Plenty of time and your own space: You will have enough time and space for yourself and it is upon you to utilize those resources in creating a great home that reflects your personality.

7. New opportunities: Moving out of your parents’ house opens doors for many opportunities. It enables you to choose a location that suits your convenience and preferences.

8. Approval from society: People will respect you because they will not look at you like a bum who still lives with the parents.

9. Set your own rules: You will be able to set your own rules, stay up later, and even invite whoever you want to your place.

10. A chance to start over: Moving to a new location or new house gives you a chance to start over, get new friends, a new job, and have new routines.



1. Miss your family: Once you move out, loneliness and self-doubt may kick in and you start missing your family. You will miss someone to talk to or even watch TV with before bed.

2. More expenses: You will be forced to sign a check every month for rent, electricity, gas, cell phone, car insurance among other bills. No free lifestyle.

3. More responsibility: Moving comes with a lot of responsibilities since you have to take care of your laundry, trash, cleaning, and maintaining your new home alone.

4. No unconditional support: Once you move out far from your loved ones, you will not get unconditional support whenever you need it.

5. Leaving friends and family: If you’re moving out to a new state or country, you will leave your friends and family behind and it will take you a while before you get used to their absence.

6. Moving is expensive: Moving out is very expensive especially if you want to move to a different state. You need to have several months of saving to start a new life there.

7. Acclimation and fitting-in: It may take a while to get used to the new place, find a new doctor, hairstylist, and find places to go to for fun.

8. Encourage irresponsibility: Moving out when not ready can bring the worst habits in us. Getting freedom can encourage irresponsible behaviors.

9. Say goodbye to some luxuries: Once you move out you may not get all the luxuries you’re used to at your parents’ house.

10. Takes up a lot of your time: Maintaining healthy habits and home responsibility may take up a lot of your time.

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