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Pros and Cons of Tattoos

A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments either indelible or temporary, in the dermis layer of the skin so as to change the pigments.

Tattoos fall into different categories; decorative (tattoos that have no meaning just to decorate), symbolic (these are the tattoo with a specific meaning), pictorial (this means a tattoo of a depiction of a specific person or item).

Tattoos can also be used for identification. Tattoos can be drawn according to the persons taste or likes and are drawn anywhere in the body.



1. It is a form of self-expression; it is one of the ways to express your individuality without even speaking or even making a word.

Tattoos always say something about the person. Some even get a tattoo of what they usually do or what they love doing.

2. It can open a door to a whole new community; sometimes a tattoo may open doors to the tattoo family whereby there is incredible community behind the tattoo scene that supports in times when mainstream society won’t.

3. Tattoos can lead to meeting amazing and valuable people; when one puts a tattoo he/she may meet amazing people in their life who are interested in tattoos.

4. Own work of custom art; the picture says a lot of words and the same your tattoo can be of your life.

They are literally a physical way to have your own personal and custom piece of art on your body that you get to have the rest of your life.

5. Tattoo stays with you forever; by getting a tattoo the right way, by the right artists and giving them the care they need, then you get to wear an incredible and meaningful piece of artwork for the rest of your life.

6. There is an emotional component to it; sometimes a tattoo can be representing a certain pain or love. Sometimes it can also represent a challenging life experience or a particular statement.

7. Where to draw a tattoo is for the owner; the owner or the person who is getting the tattoo decides on the place he/she wants the tattoo. Clear tattoos can be drawn anywhere around the body.

8. Act as a reminder; every tattoo has a certain mean or reason for existence. It can act as a reminder of something that happened.

9. Form of advertisement; tattoos acts as a form of advertisement for a business or an institution. They should be in an open place where everyone can see them.

10. Show royalty; a person may put a tattoo just because he/she is very royal and proud of that thing represented by the tattoo e.g. putting a Kenyan flag as a tattoo.



1. Tatto is a visual barrier to some careers; there are many jobs and careers that don’t allow tattoos. This is because some people may have a negative thought about them.

2. They can be dangerous; skin is the biggest defense against any outside dangers and any time this barrier is broken one puts his or herself into the risk of attracting some diseases.

3. A tattoo may limit your career path; when one gets a tattoo it limits your career path hence you cannot acquire certain jobs.

4. It makes your body as a display for a long time; when you get a tattoo and people realize you have it they will always ask you about it and also want to see it each and every time.

5. Tattoos do age with the body; as you grow old the same way your tattoos to grow older. As the body wrinkles and sag, the tattoo too will wrinkle and sag hence giving it a bad picture. At some point, they can also fade, bleed or turn blue.

6. It can become a pricey regret; at some time tattoo is very good when you newly get it but with the time you may want to remove it. It will be very expensive to remove especially if you have a permanent tattoo.

7. Communicable diseases; sometimes a person may go to have the tattoo from places with no proper precautions or with better equipment which leads to the spread of communicable diseases.

8. Can lead to misunderstanding; some people think those with tattoos are criminals and cannot be trusted around the society.

9. When removed can make a Scar; the removal of the tattoo is optional and when removed can cause a scar in the body.

10. The risk to the lives of people with medication; a tattoo is not for everyone if you are diabetic, have a skin problem or a heart ailment like a blood clot or low platelets it is not healthy to have tattoos.

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  1. Luke Smith

    I like that you mentioned how a tattoo could act as a reminder of something that happened. I am quite forgetful about dates so I am thinking of getting a small tattoo on my arm that shows the date of our wedding, which my wife found funny. I’ll try to look at the best tattoo shops nearby and see where I should go later.

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