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Pros and Cons of Google Drive


Google Drive is one of the most commonly used forms of cloud storage that comes with a number of advantages to the user. It is ideal for people who are mostly on the move and need to access their files from wherever the world. Below are some of the pros and cons of google drive.



1. Easy to manage: Google drive is much easier to manage, considering the fact that it is an online storage platform. There are no complexities associated with maneuvering through the documents.

2. Usability: Google drive is much easier to use and comes with a number of intuitive features that make even fresh users navigate through it easily.

3. Cost: It is relatively affordable to store files on google drive. In fact, Google Drive offers its users free storage up to a certain point before they start paying for extra storage.

4. File Management and organization: The organization of files on Google drive is usually automated but one customizes the files as best suits them. This makes it easy for someone to access files from google drive.

5. Sharing: It is easier to share files on Google drive with other users than it is with other storage platforms. Once someone has the link to the document, all they need is access to your drive and they have the file.

6. All in one storage: All the features and functionality needed for most spreadsheets, docs, and presentations are available on google drive which makes it a one-stop-shop.

7. Cloud-based: Google drive is a Cloud-based document saving system that helps us to not lose our important files even when we lose our devices.

8. Versatile: Google drive does not only save documents. We can save our Google Sheets and Photos as well.

9. File sharing: We can also share the docs with anyone with just one click and it is super easy to use.



1. Acceptability: The hardest problem with google drive is getting everyone to start using it. It works best when everyone is dialed in. Otherwise, a single user may be a problem.

2. Locked: Google drive makes it difficult to integrate with other forms of communication. For instance, exporting the calendar to Outlook is not as easy. This means that when using google drive, one must sync everything within the drive and not outside.

3. Plugins: Google drive is limited in the number of plugins that can be used within it. This means that the features already embedded in the drive are permanent and no modifications can be made. More plugins would be cool

4. Version control: Unlike dropbox, it is almost impossible to control the version of the files that are stored inside google drive. The original version is maintained until the end.

5. No logins: When using google drive, it is difficult to log in from other work addresses. Google drive is limited to Gmail and any other work address may be a problem to sync with google drive.

6. Poor interface: The online environment isn’t hard. However, the visual layout may not be very user-friendly because of its general layout. They could have done a better job at restructuring the external layout of the drive.

7. “Search” is cumbersome: Finding individual documents can be cumbersome since all users are tied to the names originally given to files and the search function does not extend to the contents of each document.

8. Multiple users: Google Drive often has difficulty if too many users are logged on at once. It becomes a problem for multiple users to access the same document from the drive since editing may be a problem.

9. Lag in updates during peek hours: It is usually a problem for the drive to update especially during peak hours because most users are logged in at the same time. This means that the updates will lag for a period of time before they are updated.

10. Repetitive refresh: Saved Changes need to be refreshed often, sometimes requiring that you login again.

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