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Pros and cons of Wix

Wix is a simple way you can use to create personal websites. This cloud-based service allows people who do not have coding knowledge to use. In addition to that, you will not need to install software or web hosting. It has everything required to build their site. You only have to create and manage the website in the browser through the Wix website. Let us review the pros and cons of Wix.



1. Free plan. Wix gives users a free plan for making an ad-supported website. It is not the perfect option for professionals seeing that it does not have enough features. However, it is amazing if you want a site for your wedding, birthday, or a community sale. Moreover, you will have free hosting and use 500 templates. Also, clip art, images, and icon are free. Wix provides free and paid apps that you can use. You do not have to

2. Enough space. You will get 1GB bandwidth and 500MB bandwidth storage. This is enough to start a new site.

3. Simple to use. When you open Wix, you will see a short introduction that explains different features and their functions. It has a simple editor to understand. Furthermore, FAQ will help in case you are stuck.

4. Security. You can create a password for pages. Also, you are allowed to make a membership site and sign to get credentials for a personal login.

5. Flexible designs. It has professional designs that can be customized. Wix editors allow users to use the desired font and add videos on the background. You can also get the version that is mobile friendly.

6. Free domain. You will enjoy free own domain name for one year. It supports domain endings such as .net, .org, .com, .info, You will spend $14 per year for domain renewal. Moreover, the connect domain package on Wix enables the transfer of the existing domain to Wix.

7. Multilingual languages. This great tool supports 16 languages. Furthermore, it is easy to get multilingual sites. You will not be able to use the URL for languages because it cannot support SEO. However, it is efficient for use.

8. Blog. Wix blog is friendly to SEO. You can create blog posts. On top of that, it has unique features including RSS, categories, and tags. You can install the Wix app on the mobile phone to edit and publish articles. The only disadvantage comes from commenting. Visitors are supposed to sign up on your account’s website to comment.

9. Search engine optimization. Search engine optimization improves users’ experience as well as the use of sites. Wix has trustable SEO for users. You can edit descriptions, titles, and tags. Starters can use the wiz SEO guide to have more knowledge.



1. A single site for a premium plan. You cannot access all unrestricted sites on Wix after you pay for premiums. Features in premium cannot be transferred thus stay on one site forever.

2. No site transfer. This is a major drawback for professionals or business owners who want to rely on a specific site. After you sign on Wix, you cannot transfer the site. Otherwise, you will pay an arm to transfer the site if Wix favors your grievances.

3. Paid plan for tracking. Website users want to know how the website is performing and various tools to use. However, Wix requires a paid plan to track your site.

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