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Pros and Cons of Instagram

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The Instagram app allows you to share photos, videos, and stories on your personal feed. Over the last two years, Instagram has become one of the most influential social networks with over 800 million users worldwide.



1. Customizable features: Instagram allows you to edit your photos using a variety of filters and geotags before posting them. You can customize your privacy settings on who has access to your photos.

2. Share content: You can easily share business content, photos, videos, and creative posts to a wide audience through the app. People can like, comment, and share your content on other platforms.

3. Frequent updates: When you follow an influential person on Instagram, you will get fresh content anytime they update new posts.

4. Hashtags and geotags: You can use Instagram hashtags and geotags to personalize your content. The hashtags are important whenever you want to carry out an Instagram campaign or engage specific users. Geotags show business location and the surrounding environment.

5. Use Instagram stories feature: Just like Snapchat, Instagram introduced stories feature where you can post photos and videos for 24 hours. You can add as many photos as you want within a day and use filters to edit the posted stories.

6. Link to other platforms: Instagram allows you to link to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you post a story, you can share it on all other platforms.

7. User interface: Instagram has an appealing well-organized interface as compared to Facebook. It allows you to organize your profile in an efficient and organized manner.

8. Effective promotion: Many business brands use Instagram to promote their brands. Startups can showcase their work to the audience thus, Instagram is an effective marketing strategy.

9. Strict Privacy: You cannot bypass security settings in Instagram making it easy to maintain your profile private between your followers.

10. Effective interaction: Photo-sharing, filters, video, and live stream features make interaction via Instagram effective, unlike Facebook which provides unreliable features.



1. Limited to photo sharing: Instagram is built as a photo-sharing website thus restricting the users to only share photos. Although you can also include videos, it still cannot compete with Facebook.

2. Addictive: A lot of people, especially the young generation, are addicted to Instagram. Even when they’re not uploading new photos, they can spend time viewing photos from others.

3. Not web-optimized: Instagram is only built for the app thus the web version looks disorganized. Web images are not optimized for each shape making it look terrible as compared to Facebook.

4. Fewer features on web-version: Instagram web-version has fewer features as compared to the Instagram mobile app.

5. Creates fake life: Many people want to be famous by creating a fake life through platforming. They can post a fake picture to garner more followers and become famous overnight.

6. Incompatible operating system: The Instagram app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems only. The app cannot run on devices using Linux or Blackberry operating system.

7. Limited image editing features: The app is over-dependent on images and has limited tools to edit the images.

8. Image theft: Some people can steal professional images posted on Instagram for their own gains without consent.

9. Collective privacy: You cannot edit the privacy of each image individually. You can either set public or set the private.

10. False advertising: Many startup businesses rely on Instagram to market and promote their brand and sometimes they can advertise fake news in order to gain more followers and generate leads.

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