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Pros and Cons of Snapchat

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Snapchat was initially used as a platform for updating photos, it is recently being used to upload video content and business promotion materials. There are over 150 million Snapchat users every day with billions of snap updated daily. This makes it a great tool to communicate with friends and make great business connections.



1. Easy to connect: You can easily create your own Snapchat ID. Due to privacy issues, no personal details are shared. You connect to others by sharing your ID through Snapcode or other mediums.

2. Secure interaction: Snapchat takes security concerns very important. Unlike other social network platforms, Snapchat servers are very secure and you cannot bypass the privacy setting. If you try to take a snapshot, the app notifies the user.

3. Temporary store pictures: Snapchat only stores pictures temporarily in the app. You don’t have to worry about your pictures being stored in a Snapchat database or someone saving them. The posted picture will disappear after a day unless you personally save it on your device.    

4. Picture filters: Snapchat filters allows you to edit your picture to anything you can think of. Its crazy filters and wide imagination has made it popular compared to other picture editing apps.

5. Clean interface: Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat has kept it simple and appealing. The few features make it easy to connect and edit pictures much faster.

6. Great app for sales promotion: If you’re an entrepreneur, you can use Snapchat to promote products and services to your followers. The app allows close interaction with potential consumers and keeps them updated about your brand.

7. One-on-one communication: You can easily interact with your followers at a personal level and show your day-in-life or behind-the-scenes information.

8. Share stories: Snapchat share stories feature allows you to create content, share ideas on an area of interest and interact with other people.

9. Discover feature: Using the discover feature you can get suggestions about people you may know, explore premium content or use it to create brand awareness.

10. Business branding: Snapchat is a great tool to share branding videos about your business or show the fun side of your business to generate more leads.



1. No re-share option: Snapchat doesn’t allow you to share content like on Facebook and Twitter. You can only take a screenshot of the published content and share it with other platforms.
2. Addictive: Just like other social networks, Snapchat is more addictive. You can spend a lot of time adding different filters than you would on Facebook.

3. Hiding identity through filters: More people especially the young generation are crazy about the filters. They have gone to the extent of creating a new identity based on these filters.

4. Sharing suspicious pictures: People may share what they want thinking it will be deleted automatically after 24 hours sometimes that’s not the case. Even though Snapchat notifies you if someone tries to screenshot your pictures, it doesn’t prevent them from doing so.

5. Limited engagement: It is not easy to know if your target audience watched your Snapchat video and Ads or they just skipped it unless they send a direct message to you.

6Time constraint: All videos are 10 seconds long. If your content is long, you have to post several videos and this may become annoying if they’re too many.

724-hour update: Snapchat stories and videos are automatically deleted after 24 hours. You need to manually save the content on your device for later use and update content daily.

8. Lacks analytics: There is no like or share feature in Snapchat. The only way to interact with followers is through views and direct messaging.

9. Limited audience: Snapchat only targets users between 12 to 34 years, unlike Facebook which has 62% of adults.

10. Costly for adverts: It is expensive to advertise through Snapchat compared to Facebook and Twitter.

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