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Pros and Cons of Spotify

Today, there are many things you can do to listen to music and podcasts whenever you are. Although there are many applications that are facilitating live streaming online, Spotify is the most popular. The application is a legal way of listening to podcasts and streaming music online.

The company will license tracks from minor and major labels to put in their music library. With Spotify, you can choose your favorite music and play it online instead of using your personal hard drive. To start using Spotify, you will only have to register and you will get full access to one of the biggest music collections.

Compared to many similar applications out there, Spotify has the biggest strength in the collection of music they have in the library. The company seems to brag about the huge collection of music and licenses to make it simple and legal for you to stream any music you want.

Besides the above benefits of using Spotify, there are a few challenges that the company has faced over time. In this brief, we are going to discuss the main pros and cons of using Spotify and eventually guide you on how to use Spotify adequately.



1. Spotify is easy to use-Spotify is one of the easiest to use streaming applications out there. You just have to register for a free account by using Facebook or email. After this, you can create your own playlist.

2. Compatibility-You can today download the Spotify application and get access to Spotify Free users and premium subscription. The application is available for Windows, iPhone, Android, and Mac. You can as well check on the Spotify web app.

3. It offers tier-Where else can you access a streaming app for free completely? However, you can only play in shuffle mode and you can as well skip up to six times per hour.

4. You can easily download music and Podcasts-If you want to save many songs, then you can upgrade to Spotify Premium where you can save up to 10,000 songs. It`s also very easy to download and save music for listening offline.

5. Outstanding quality– The Spotify client runs at 160kbps for free listeners. For the premium membership, it can run for about 320kbps. This is actually the best solidity rate.

6. You can share your music experience-With Spotify, listening can be a social experience. You simply have to connect your Spotify with your Facebook account and eventually share your music experience with family and friends.

7. It has different Spotify Premium membership plans-With Spotify, you can actually choose the best premium membership plan that works for you.

8. Free trial-For those people that have never used Spotify before, Spotify will give you a full-month free trial for the individual plan.

9. Unlimited skip-With Spotify, you can skip only so many songs when you are listening to a shuffled assortment of music with the free service.

10. No wait for new releases-Spotify has liaised closely with Universal Music Group which lets you get new releases as they hit the market.


1. No lyrics feature-You expected that you can access lyrics easily and for free, this is not the case with Spotify.

2. It is not available universally-Spotify is available in a number of limited countries because of regulations. This is actually termed as the biggest flaw of using Spotify.

3. Spotify is expensive– If you are considering upgrading to paid services, then you should be ready to pay a high price. You will actually have to pay $120 for premium access in a year.

4. There are many limitations of use-There are many limitations of use depending on how you are using the app. If you are using it with your phone, you can listen to any music as long as it appears on the 15 personalized playlist which is not the case with the premium account.

5. The music cannot be downloaded to your music player-Spotify makes it very easy for you to listen to music when you are offline but if you want to listen with your music player, that is not possible.

6. The Dark Mode-With Spotify, the dark mode is the only theme for web access and apps.

7. Spotify free has limitations-If you are using the free version of Spotify, there are many things you cannot do with it.

8. Data Use-Without internet data, you cannot access new albums and music on your app. You also have to download the music using data.

9. You can not own the music– The company doesn’t offer a way for people to access the music outside their app. This is also a major drawback.

10. They pay artists per stream-For all the streams, about $0.006 of every penny goes to the artist. This is not pleasing because an artist needs about 10000 streams each day to get a minimum wage.

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  1. Alex Kielhurn

    Very strange app indeed! I have it downloaded – purchased premium services …. yet, I can’t play an enitre song! It’ll play a preview ( a very short preview ) of a song before it quickly switches to the next in line. I’m not missing anything obvious – two of us tried to find what we’re doing wrong…..but, this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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