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Pros and Cons of Having a Business Website

To stay in the competitive market as a businessman, you need to come up with strategies for your sales volume. Building up a website for your business may act as an effective marketing strategy for your business’s future.

Building a business website can be very easy. You can use templates from the internet to come up with interactive content for your audience or hire a professional to help you build.



1. Reaching a wider audience: Building your own website will enable you to attract more customers from a wider market. Having an online business will allow you to grow and expand your business.

2. 24/7 services: You can keep in touch with your customers and provide support to them at any time and anywhere. Customers can access your website through a variety of devices online.

3. Easy access to business information: Customers can obtain information about the availability of products or services and pricing changes from your website.

4. Fresh content: Building your own website will enable you to promote your business. Up-to-date information is posted to encourage and attract more customers to your business. Having fresh and informative content can attract the attention of your customers and keep them.

5. Tool for advertising and publicity: Website can be used as a way of advertising your business and creating more public awareness of the kind of products you offer.

6. Viral marketing: You can use viral marketing as a way of marketing your business through social networks. Links shared through social media can lead to the worldwide recognition of your business.

7.  Create brand awareness: In today’s competitive market, you need to strategically position your business. Building a website will enable you to securely protect your business brand online and limit cybersquatting attacks.

8.   Reduced communication cost: Building a website for your business will reduce the telecommunication cost within the business. The Internet provides cheaper means for the business to maintain constant communication with customers, employees, and suppliers.

9. Helps in eliminating competition: creating a business website will divert all customers online to your business. You will not have to worry about competitors selling similar products in the same market.



1. Reliability: The information updated on your website should be informative and updated with frequency otherwise it will be unreliable to your target audience

2.  Spamming: When customers register with a particular website, they receive junk emails from some of these websites.

3.  Not reaching the target audience: With the growth of the internet and other competitors, sometimes it gets difficult to get the right audience for your business. It also makes it difficult for your business to rank well in Google.

4. Bad publicity: A website can build or destroy your publicity. If customers are unsatisfied with your products, they will give a negative review of the business and this can have an impact on your reputation.

5.  Website crashing: Sometimes your website may crash making it unavailable and customers will not be able to find information about your business.

6. Accessibility: Everyone is accessing the website through their mobile phones and only 40% of websites are customized for viewers using their mobile device limiting the accessibility of the information.

7. Clutter design: Some websites are very complex making it difficult for customers to easily get what they’re looking for within seconds. If customers can’t get what they need within seconds, they can’t stay there for long.

8.   Reduced traffic at the beginning. 

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