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Pros and Cons of Painting a Brick House

Pros and Cons of Painting a Brick House

Increasing the real estate value of a house, enhancing the appearance and increasing home décor, keeping dust to a minimum and reducing wall deterioration due to harsh weather are some of the primary reasons why it is advisable to paint our walls. However, when it comes to brick walls, this task can prove to be challenging, and if not adequately done, it could result in flaking wall paints or alkali-burned coats. Discussed below are some of the merits and demerits of painting brick walls.

Merits of Painting Brick Houses

1. Appealing curb appearance. Painting a brick house is the easiest way of updating and increasing the property’s home value. A well-painted house radiates a décor that attracts people, giving them a sense of calm.

2. Protecting natural elements. Harsh weather conditions are responsible for degrading the quality of bricks, which reduces the value of that given property. However, painting provides a layer of coating which reduces the rate of degradation that would be experienced otherwise.

3. Ensures cleanliness and tidiness. Naturally, bricks are dusty and porous, so as natural elements act upon them, they are bound to release dust. However, when they are painted, the debris remains trapped under the coat of paint, making it challenging to clear away and reducing cleaning schedules.

4. A variety of colours to select from. The advantage of painting your brick house is that you can diversify the range of colours you need without limitations.

5. Creative opportunities. Most people who paint their brick homes use one colour for all brick areas. But with paint, you can make your style statement much more flexible. Use two contrasting but complementary colours to highlight certain architectural elements.

6. Hiding permanent inconsistent marks or stains. Painting your brick house positively impacts the property’s décor by hiding marks and stains that, when left unattended, reduce the house’s visual appeal.

7. Improving the health of the environment Painting using low VOC paints improves the quality of the air that we breathe.

Demerits of Painting a Brick House.

1. Once painted, there is no going back. The biggest challenge with painting brick is that regardless of the outcome of the paint, you can not reverse the action if it does not turn out great.

2. There is a need for maintenance. Paint wears off after some time due to extreme weather elements; therefore, there is a need to keep on repainting every once in a while.

3. Cleaning the house exterior more. Painted bricks are easier to clean since they don’t have dirt; however, painted bricks show dirt more visibly than unpainted bricks.

4. Moisture can be a big challenge. Painted bricks can trap moisture inside them, and if the wrong paint is used, this trapped moisture can cause severe damage to the bricks.

5. Harmful health components in paint Some paint elements can be volatile (VOCs), resulting in serious health problems such as chronic diseases.


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