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Pros and cons of real Christmas trees.

Pros and Cons of real Christmas trees.

Everyone loves a decorative time during the Christmas festivals. While different people prefer to use artificial or natural Christmas trees, it is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of real Christmas trees.

Pros of real Christmas trees

1. Preserve tradition. The real Christmas trees provide a festive and romantic situation, creating the symbol of family and tradition and bringing in a nostalgic mood for the Christmas celebrations. The actual trees are of high value to create a new holiday tradition.

2. Natural scent. Real Christmas trees smell the fresh and evergreen scent of pine needles. The scent of a freshly cut natural wood tree brings joy and enjoyment.

3. They are easily recycled. The real Christmas trees could be recycled and are environmentally friendly by generating more environmental impacts than the artificial trees. There are thousands of tree recycling programs across the globe.

4. Environmentally friendly. The real Christmas trees are biodegradable and generate environmental impacts since they are not made of plastics. If it is not a cut tree, one can replant it and use it for the following year. The trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases and release fresh oxygen into the air.

5. Unique. Real Christmas trees come in varieties, and hence there are lots of unique selections to choose from

6. Maintain the economy. Real Christmas trees help sustain the rural economy and provide jobs. It is essential to support the local industries as each tree is planted for each harvest, ensuring a steady supply each year after the other.

7. Filter dust. The real Christmas trees help filter dust and any smog in the air rather than the fake ones as they are planted on the f, providing comfortable habitat for the wildlife.

Cons of the real Christmas trees.

1. Constant maintenance. The actual trees need constant maintenance, such as watering and trimming to maintain their leaves and their green stature. The trees require one to water them daily to keep them fresh and not dry.

2. Cause fires. The trees could be a fir haphazard if not well maintained as they are more prone to fires if they are not kept hydrated. As the leaves and the needles dry out, the combination of the heat and light could cause a fire if it is near a heat source.

3. Use of toxic pesticides. In some cases, the trees use harmful toxic pesticides to help them grow, which could harm human beings.

4. Not last for long. The trees, if not well maintained, do not last long and can only be left up for a limited time. Depending on the climate of an area, real trees may not last long but only a few weeks.

5. Incur cost The real Christmas trees are expensive to maintain and incur more costs in buying a new one each year. The money for a real tree could add up yearly and cost more than a fake one.

6. Cause allergies. The trees could affect people prone to allergies and trigger them, causing effects such as sneezing and sniffling.

7. Not easy to clean Cleaning up a real Christmas tree may be difficult as it may require a trip to the dump and transportation by the garbage collector, and it is not easy to pack it up for trash.

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