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Pros and Cons of B-Complex Vitamins

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B-complex vitamins are nutritional supplements that consist of 8 B vitamins packed in a single pill.

B vitamins are different types of nutrients that play a great role in our bodies. The vitamins are found in a variety of food products and can be recommended to individuals based on body requirements for the vitamins.

The B vitamins are vital in maintaining good health and this article will enlighten you on the various pros and cons of taking the B complex vitamins.



1. Reduce stress and boost mood: Taking B-complex vitamins can help boost your mood as well as reduce fatigue. A study carried shows that vitamins can lift your spirit and improve your cognitive performance.

2. Reduce anxiety or depression: They help to improve the mental health of those with depression or anxiety issues. Supplements of B vitamins in combination with antidepressant drugs make depressed people more responsive to the treatment.

3. Decrease vitamin deficiency: Although it’s good to get all the essential vitamins from the food, the supplements are used to fulfill any shortcomings of vitamins from the food thus reducing the risk of vitamin deficiency in your body.

4. Water-soluble: The vitamins can easily dissolve and excrete from your body if you consume more vitamins than the body requires. This helps to reduce toxicity risk.

5. Beneficial to pregnant women: Pregnant women take prenatal vitamins with folic acid to reduce the risk of birth defects. It helps in the development of a healthy fetus and baby.

6. Aids in digestion: Vitamin B-complex plays an important role in the digestion of food substances.

7. Prevents nail splitting and dermatitis: If your hair falls or nail splits, taking B-complex vitamins will help improve your nails, hair, and skin condition.

8. Reduce levels of bad cholesterol: Using vitamin B3 can help reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body and enhance the levels of good cholesterol.

9. Energy production: Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B7 maintain healthy neural systems and produce more energy in the body. Vitamin B6 is used in metabolism whereas supplements of B9 and B12 play a role in cell division.

10. Reduce pain: Vitamin B complex helps to alleviate pain in the painful and stiff joints.


1. High blood sugar levels: Consumption of B-complex vitamins can contribute to high levels of blood sugar.

2. Nausea: Taking vitamin B3 supplements after eating can cause some side effects like nausea or vomiting. They also lead to liver damage.

3. Toxicity risks: When the vitamins are consumed in large quantities can cause mild symptoms like a headache, itching, or an upset stomach. Sometimes can lead to severe symptoms like kidney stones.

4. Contradicts other drugs: Vitamin B complex drugs can contradict other drugs used for chemotherapy.

5. Depletion of Vitamins: High levels of stress, various antibiotics or alcohol deplete complex B-vitamins and you need to continuously replenish them through proper dieting and supplements.

6. Health issues: Consumption of a high quantity of vitamin B6 supplements cause nerve damage, affects your light sensitivity or leads to painful skin lesions.

7Yellow urine: Bright yellow urine is another side effect of taking B-complex vitamins. This is due to the excessive vitamins absorbed in the body.

8. Allergic reaction: It can cause some allergies like itching, hives, trouble breathing, or skin rashes.

9. Upset stomach: Another side effect of the supplement is having an upset stomach or bloating.

10. Infections: B-complex deficient increases the risk of infections in your body and can also lead to anemia or digestive issues.

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