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Pros And Cons Of Symphony Lens

A Symphony lens is a multifocal lens that allows a person to see at a distance with closer objects being out of focus.

Cataract surgery mostly uses symphony lenses since it has features that improve both the range and quality of vision.

Multifocal lenses use diffractive technology to give simultaneous vision by splitting light into multiple distinct foci. The symphony lens merges technologies to achieve these goals. The proprietary chelate design elongates the focus of the eye in order to give the extended vision.

The new findings suggest symphony is more advantageous over older IOLs. In July 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of symphony lenses.  The symphony lens is a multifocal lens that provides clear visions at all distances.

The benefit of symphony lens provides our Philadelphia, PA, patients with an intraocular lens that stands out from others on the markets and offers superior vision results. There are several advantages of symphony lens which include;



1. Clear vision at all distances: symphony lens is a multifocal lens that corrects both near and distance vision. Most multifocal lenses have breaks that make transitions between various distances a little rough. Individuals with healthy eyes will benefit from clear, dependable vision at all distances.

2. Reduced glares and halos: Halos and glares are significantly reduced in multifocal IOLs. The symphony lens is designed to provide a smooth transition from day to night vision, with minimal visual abnormalities. After recovering from cataract surgery, patients with symphony lens report little to no halos or glares.

3. Less dependence on prescription lenses: When a person receives a traditional IOL it treats distant vision. The patient can wear glasses for reading and other up-close tasks. However, this is uncommon for those with multifocal IOL to reach for reading glasses. Patients who receive the symphony lens typically do not depend on reading glasses to perform closer tasks thus little need for prescription lenses.

4. Can live a healthy and active lifestyle: Once you recover from cataract surgery, you will be able to live an active and healthy life. Your full range of vision will be restored making it easy to read, drive, and do other activities.

5. High patient satisfaction: Patients with visual problems can gain their sight by using symphony lenses. It provides a clear vision to longer distances making them feel satisfied.

6. Seamless day-to-night vision: Patients with poor night sight benefit from symphony lenses. It provides clear night and day vision to longer distances.

7Reduces the need for intermediate and distance spectacles: Traditional mono-focal IOLs are designed to restore far or distances vision. Symphony lenses provide quality vision at multiple distances hence it eliminates the need for glasses.

8. No maintenance required: They provide lasting results since these lenses are planted in the eye. Symphony lenses don’t need any maintenance or replacement when scratched.

9. Saves money: Unlike glasses that are replaced every now and then, symphony lenses save money. Once paid for and implanted, you don’t incur any extra cost of replacement.

10. Provides multiple distinct foci: Multifocal lenses use different technologies to give simultaneous vision by splitting light into multiple distinct foci.



1. Blurry vision: Multifocal lenses makes it difficult to see up close. It gives blurry vision when one is reading books.

2. Contrast after cataract surgery: After cataract surgery, the symphony lens makes reading in dim light difficult. Reading using symphony lenses in dim light may result in another difficult vision problem.

3. Existence of glare and halos to some patience: Small number of patients who receive multifocal lenses experience glares and Halos around lights after dark. This makes driving at night difficult.

4. Expensive to acquire: Multifocal lenses are more expensive than monofocal lenses and glasses. This makes it difficult for patients with low income to acquire them.

5. Uneasy to replace: Symphony lenses are implanted to last for longer periods after cataract surgery. Once destroyed, it is not easy to replace them.

6. High risk during cataract surgery: Operating an eye is a risky operation. During surgery, a slight mistake by surgeons may lead to patients losing sight permanently.

7. View number of cataract surgeons: Cataract surgeon experts are few and not evenly distributed across the world. Patients in developing and third world countries face challenges in accessing the services of cataract surgery and implantation of symphony lenses.

8. May increase complications: Symphony lens may not be adaptable to some of the patients and may increase complications of visions and the sight of the affected patients.

9. Longer initial examination: It takes longer to examine before the patient undergoes cataract surgery. The patient may have vision problems before the implant takes place.

10. Require regular office visits for follow-up: Regular visit to experts for a check-up is a waste of time and also a waste of money for costs like transportation to required offices.

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  1. Gil

    I have had the Symphony Lens in for a year and a half. The blurry vision never went away.

  2. Patti Ellsworth

    I have a Symphony lens in my right eye and now need cataract surgery in my left eye! Do I need to get another Symphony or can I opt for a standard lens?

  3. Katherine

    I had Symfony lenses implanted in June 2020 in both eyes and have not been happy! Besides destroying my night vision — I have what look like bursts when I look at ANY light at night while driving, I also have glare looking at my computer screen and the TV. I find myself closing my left eye to reduce the glare. Looking for a solution. Don’t want to think I have to live the rest of my life with this problem!

    1. Patti J Jones

      I agree! My night vision is ruined. I paid an addition 4400.00 to have these ‘great lenses’ over the cost of what Medicare paid. What a waste of money.

  4. Jim

    These lenses are dark hole you have to continually dump money into. I have had mine for 1 year and so far have spent nearly $14,000.00 with no end in sight. I feel like I was better off with bifocals.
    Friends who got the Medicare lens with a $150.00 deductible can’t understand why I continually have to go back for “tune ups” after spending so much money when they don’t have to.

  5. Janet S

    I had Symphony implanted in my right eye in Sept. 2020. My vision is much worse than when I had the cataract. I have a lot of difficulty reading any road signs. I still have halo’s around oncoming traffic headlights. I no longer can see a 45″ tv at a 13 foot distance. This has not only been a total waste of money but I am wondering what can possibly be done to help me see better.

  6. Dwight

    My vision was better before surgery. Had surgery more than 2 months ago but it isn’t safe to try to drive at night and distance vision during the day isn’t good either.

  7. Jim

    It isn’t going to get any better. After 14 months, I’m still having procedures to try and correct a haze over my cornea in both eyes. It amazes me that they keep selling these things and that doctors keep using them.

  8. Kim L

    The surgery went fine but I am super disappointed with the results. Can’t see to drive safely nor watch tv very good. Had to get glasses to help. I still have halos with night driving. Way too much money with unsatisfactory result.

  9. ray

    Thanks for reviews. Was thinking of getting these lenses.

  10. Ray

    This is so unforgivable for all you folks who have posted your stories. They have recalls on cars that do not wok properly but the medical field gets a pass until a class action suite when the lawyers get all the money. I have been told that I need cataract surgery but after reading all the horror stories online I will pass until I reach the state where I can’t function. Again so sorry to hear your stories, wish there was something I could do. God Bless

  11. SippingCoffee

    I have had my Symphony Multifocal toric lenses since 2017. I wish I could say I love them. But quite the opposite is true. I am so, so disappointed and so regret my decision. I went with symphony because I was on the youngerside for cateract surgery. I had decided to do laser, but the eye dr. I was at said they would not do it as I had cataracts, so I went with this option. The concentric rings and the light bursts, have ruined my night vision– LED lights especially. I have young children and teens and I do regret this decision. On top of that the surgeon, while I paid for all upgrades, misaligned my toric lense and my astigmatism is worse. The haze is real. Not seeing the TV as clearly is real. And people or items are so hard to see when they have a window behind them. Is this true of all lenses?

  12. Tom

    I had a Symphony lens implanted 3 years ago. It was painful after the surgery and I was almost blind in that eye. I was told give it 24hrs, then 48, then 1 week, 1month etc. After 8 weeks the Dr? decided to remove the lens. After the less expensive lens was implanted my retina became swollen for and I was unable to see for months I’m still wearing bi-focals and my right eye is constantly changing so a new prescription is needed every 6 months. the problem was started by the dangerous Symphony lens but the rest I believe was caused by an incompatent Dr?.

  13. Cindy

    I am sad to hear all your stories about the Symphony lens not working for you. My husband had both eyes implanted with Symphony lens. First one and then the other the next week. He has had no problem. No complaints.

  14. Jim

    Early days.
    18 months in and 4 additional surgeries and still more in the future.
    Buy the Medicare lens and keep wearing glasses. Save thousands of dollars and many years of “tweaking ” surgery.

  15. Scott

    I am definitely not an expert but I have had lenses put in both eyes by a doctor that has done this surgery for multiple people I have known that have had no problems. I have had no problems. The doctor told me that I may need cheaters for very small type when reading. I can get buy without them for this but it is easier with them. I can’t be happier with these lenses. Maybe it has to do with the doctor that has done the surgeries on the people above that are unhappy.

    1. Barbara

      I have had them since 2018 and am very happy with them. I do see halos at night but there was a warning about that in the literature. I had a wonderful talented doctor! My cataracts were very hard and matured! He also corrected the astigmatism during the surgery! Sorry to hear so many have had such problems.

  16. Katrinka

    Thanks to everyone on their comments about the Symphony lens cataract surgery. I am having cataract surgery in June 2021 and was considering asking my eye Dr./surgeon about the Symphony lens. I don’t think I’ll get them since so many people have had problems after the implant.

  17. K J Athas

    PLEASE do not select Symfony lenses – I was better with cataracts and wearing glasses. I see spears now instead of the halos with cataracts. Worse color have changed. A favorite sweater that I know is a red-orange is not a deep pink. The dangers of replacing them have frightened me into retaining them until I can go to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. They are the most respected global surgeons for any vision issue. The dr who sold me on Symfony lenses was only seeking $1,500 each eye for his welfare. Not a thought as to my welfare.
    DO NOT SEEK Symfony!!!!

  18. Fran

    I have had Symfony lenses implanted in both eyes in 2019. I can no longer drive. I have trouble crossing roads as a pedestrian. I suffer from daytime glare and blurred vision and MGD. I need to wear very dark glasses whenever I am outside. Be very cautious.

  19. Larry

    I am only a week out from surgery, when I went back the day of surgery for follow up, I had 20/20 vision. I have a little ghosting now if I really concentrate out of my left eye (the one that has the IOL). Anyway, my doctor says as I heal the vision will get even better. I can read my phone now with no glasses, I can see TV clearly. I do have to use cheaters when playing music, but that is no big deal. I am hoping with time I will even be able to see the music.

  20. Kent

    I wouldn’t recommend the Symfony multifocal lens to anyone. I had the lens put in at the same time as a cataract removal. My doctor told me that after the procedure, I’d not only be able to read my cell phone texts (which I already could), but that my distance vision would also be greatly-improved. It’s been terrible, much worse than previously. Not only did the lens completely distort my up close vision, but my distance now has an irregularly-shaped blurry halo around everything. Reading glasses don’t work for me and the doctor now recommends contact lenses, which I was trying to avoid by getting the multifocal lens in the first place. I would nave never had this procedure (which is not cheap) if I had had any idea that this would be the outcome.

  21. Jackie

    I had Technis Symphony lens implanted in 2018 (3800 per eye out of pocket) but no regrets. Probably overpaid but this was once in my life I was not going to nickel and dime it. I had a great doctor. My regular optometrist said did a great job and he wanted his name for his patients. That was good to hear. Could not be happier four years later. I am only writing this due to all the negative reviews….My eyesight was so bad near and far (around 6.0 each) that i had to take the chance and it iworked for me. Also, it didn’t hurt. You’re out. Probably as painful as going to the dentist… I think getting the best doctor you can find is the key to the sucess.

  22. Mary Ellen


  23. Barbara

    I got the Symphony lens in both eyes in 2016 because it was my understanding that it would give me day and night vision and no glasses. Not true! I drive very little at night now because of the halos. I miss out on doing things because of this. My up close is hit or miss. Some days I have to use readers. I didn’t get anything I asked for! I would have done better having the standard lens at no cost. I paid $5K for these lens. Doctor was not sympathetic so I have changed doctors. They told me because of the rings of the lens you will have halos. That was never mentioned or I wouldn’t have gone this route. Very unhappy. Also, someone mentioned a haze. I had that a year later. Yag procedure clears that up.

  24. Mark G

    Wow, if I had read these comments before my surgery 5 days ago. I wouldn’t have done it. Get my right eye done in 2 more weeks. Left eye no blur, see close and far. Lights are brighter, especially at night,but blue blockers clear that up. I didn’t have cataracts. No glasses, clear vision and loving it.

  25. Mary

    Thanks for all the reviews The reason I am thinking about getting my cataract surgery is to alleviate starburst around lightswhile driving at night, so I think that i will get the standard lenses. There are many videos on you tube by Ophthalmologists that give the pros and cons of the various iol lenses to be implanted at cataract surgery, and they do mention halos at night with this particular lens. I think i will get the standard lens, and wear readers to be on the safe side.

  26. Tia

    in 2017 Symfony Toric lens were implanted at a cost of $6000.00 per eye, plus drops etc. This ruined my vision. All the promises failed. No longer able to drive at night; contrast difficulties; blurred vision at all distances; even wearing prescription glasses all the time cannot correct my vision to 20/20; clouding; have to add light and magnification to read and even then it is often impossible.

    I would have thought after all the bad reviews over the past 6 years these lenses would have been removed from the market.

  27. Jim

    Doctors make a lot of money installing these lenses and patient results aren’t important to them. I changed providers after 2 years of “tune ups” because my sight was so poor. The new provider cleaned up all the trash in my eyes and I still can’t drive safely at night.

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