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Pros and Cons of Botox

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Botox is a cosmetic treatment for wrinkles and treating certain muscular conditions. It helps to relax the muscles around your eyes and on your forehead, thus providing a refreshed look as well as soften wrinkles. Consider the following pros and cons before carrying out Botox treatment.



1. Prevent headaches: Botox procedure can help patients with chronic migraines. Several countries have approved Botox as an effective method to reduce migraines among the adults.

2. Prevent wrinkles: Botulinum Toxin A, found in Botox prevents muscle contractions by attacking the proteins that trigger the contractions. This leads to reduced wrinkles since the muscles do not contract or move.

3. Temporary procedure: After the first injection you can decide whether to continue with the treatment or not. After some time, the skin returns to its original shape since the skin is not altered.

4. Quick results: Once you receive the injections, you can see the results within a couple of hours or days. In most cases, the drug is 100% effective.

5. Takes 5-10 minutes: Compared to other surgical procedures, Botox only takes 5 to 10 minutes to administer the drug.

6. Done by skilled doctors: A skilled medical practitioner should be sought after to administer the injections and put the patient under watch. This minimizes any risk or side effects of the Botox injections.

7. Convenient: If you want to carry out a cosmetic procedure to refresh your facial features, then Botox is the safe and convenient method compared to plastic surgery.

8. Reduce underarm sweat: If you have severe underarm sweating, Botox can help you with that condition. Some of the products used in Botox can also be used for therapeutic processes.

9. Few risks: There are few health risks associated with the procedure. Pregnant women are adviced not to use the drug because there is a small chance of the drug spreading to the unborn baby.

10. FDA approved: The FDA has approved Botox for use as a cosmetic procedure since it has minimal risks and few side effects.



1. Allergic reactions: Some people may have reactions to the drug especially if their taking antibiotics. Sometimes the reaction can be severe and uncontrollable.

2. Requires a professional: For you to do the injection, you need to go for a trained professional to administer the drug properly and also get medical help in case of emergency after the injection.

3. Prevents squinting: Botox procedures may affect some people where they’re unable to raise the eyebrows or squinting. Sometimes prevents you from having proper facial expression.

4. Temporary solution: Once you start Botox injections, you have to continuously do that after every three to six months if you want to maintain your new found beauty.

5. Expensive: It is very expensive to carry the procedure although the cost depends on the location.
Some injections cost from $500 to $2000.

6. Failure: Most Botox is carried out for aesthetic purposes and sometimes if done by a non- professional can make you look worse. Thus, it’s good to consult the doctor if it is good for you.

7Side effects: Bruising is the common temporary side effect of the drug. A small percentage of people complain of a slight headache which disappears with 24 hours and eyelid topping.

8. A gateway to cosmetic surgery: Getting more and more Botox treatment will open doors for extreme cosmetic surgery procedures which makes one to completely change their looks.

9. Paralyze unintended muscle: If it is done on the wrong area, it can cause muscle paralysis or a look you didn’t want.

10. Painful: Botox procedure is administered through needles which can be very painful to some patients who don’t like the needles.



Just like any other medical procedure, you should discuss the process with the doctor and let him guide you on the right Botox procedure.

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  1. Sonali Shinde

    Amazing differentiation and division of botox injection treatment pros and cons. It gives a clarity by reading this article if to get done or not.

  2. Jaime

    Great article just one thing bugged me. “Allergic reactions: Some people may have reactions to the drug especially if their taking antibiotics.” Should be: they’re. It was used properly in the rest of the article. Thank you for the information provided.

  3. Luke Smith

    It’s nice that you mentioned how you could see the results within a couple of hours or days once you receive Botox injections. My wife got wrinkles on her face now and it is making her very self-conscious. I do not want her to constantly worry about it, so I’ll suggest Botox injections to her.

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