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Pros and Cons of Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

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Dilation and curettage is a procedure used to sample the lining of the uterus to determine whether there is any abnormality or to remove any unwanted tissue after an incomplete miscarriage. Dilation and curettage surgery is carried out to remove endometrial polyps.

D&C is widely used today and just like any other surgery procedure, it has its pros and cons you should be aware of before considering the procedure. This article helps you understand more about D&C procedures.



1. Remove abnormal cells: Dilation and Curettage procedure is used to treat any abnormal cells resulting in to cure.

2. Cleanse uterus: D&C to cleanse the uterus after a miscarriage or abortion. It also stops heavy bleeding thus you don’t need any further treatment.

3. Reduce miscarriage trauma: Natural miscarriage can result in the trauma of being able to see the fetus in the remains. Using D&C, you won’t be able to see the pregnancy remains.

4. Aid in biopsy: During biopsy scanning, it can be used to identify cancerous cells in your uterus. This helps to start early treatment.

5. Quick method: The procedure is done within 30 minutes and you may be discharged from the hospital after a few hours of the procedure. You can resume your normal activities within 24 hours of the procedure. A natural miscarriage can take you days or even weeks.

6. No effect on future pregnancies: Dilation and curettage are not associated with any pregnancy complications. Women who have used the procedure can easily get pregnant compared to those who have not.

7. Stop excessive bleeding: If you experience heavy bleeding, the D&C procedure is used to stop the bleeding and avoid further complications like anemia or hypovolemia which are caused by excessive blood loss.

8. Not Painful: The procedure is performed under anesthesia thus, you may not feel any pain. This ensures most women return to their routines as soon as possible.

9. Reduces complications: D&C is considered a safe procedure especially when done with an ultrasound. It saves you the risk of infection and prolonged bleeding which may result from an incomplete miscarriage. Any remaining cells in the uterus can cause some infections. D&C reduces these complications.

10. Reduce the risk of coming back: Using the dilation procedure you’re assured that any unwanted abnormal cells are removed from your uterus. Going for a natural miscarriage there is a chance you may go back for D&C to remove remaining birth tissues.



1. Damage of the cervix: D&C procedure can lead to damage of the cervix especially where the dilatation is not done properly. It can also cause premature dilation to future pregnancies.

2. Bleeding: After the D&C there is the possibility of post bleeding which diminishes with time. Sometimes it can create an inconvenience. The bleeding can prolong in extreme cases where it can be heavier than the normal menstrual period.

3. Medical reactions: Your body may react to some medicine administered during surgery. You may have breathing problems or other risks related to anesthesia.

4. Cervical-vaginal fistula: D&C medication and procedures can lead to the vaginal fistula.

5. Uterine rupture: Infusion of high-dose oxytocin can cause uterine rupture although this is in rare cases.

6Infection: D&C may result in some infection in your uterus or in other pelvic organs. It can also scare the uterus which may later require further treatments.

7Perforation of the uterus: The walls of the uterus can get punctured during dilation and curettage.

8. Fainting and dizziness: Immediately after the procedure, you may feel dizziness or fainting. It’s advisable to rest for an hour.

9. Discharge: It may lead to discharge with a foul smell.

10. Cramping: After the procedure, you may experience cramping and pain for a few days. The pain can be reduced by taking some prescribed medicine by the doctor.

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