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Pros and Cons of Nursing


A nursing career requires a lot of dedication and commitment to help people. It gives you the satisfaction of helping many patients and seeing them smiling.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of being a nurse to help you be sure whether it is the right profession for you or not.



1. Great compensations and benefits: A registered nurse earn an excellent salary and receive other benefits. If you’re working as a traveling nurse, you can receive high payments than other types of nurses.

2. Make a difference: Nurses are dedicated to helping and caring for others. They interact daily with patients during life-changing moments and able to have an impact on a patient’s life.

3. Trusted profession: Nursing is a well-respected and most trusted career. There is a sense of pride that comes in working with a trusted and respected profession.

4. Freedom and flexibility: You can work on full-time bases, part-time or a nurse on call. If you love adventure, you can work as a traveling nurse.

5. Simple to get ready for work: Nurses always wear a simple uniform every day at work, therefore, you will not face any frustration as to what clothes you’re supposed to wear in the morning.

6. Different specialist options to pursue: You can specialize as a critical care nurse, nephrology nurse or any other specialization. There various options to choose from.

7. Flexible hours: Working a 12-hour shift for 3 days or 10-hour shift for 4 days in a week leaves you with many off days to travel or spend more time with your family.

8. Each day is different: In other careers, you can predict how your typical day would be like but in a nursing career, each day or night is different. Each day’s work is determined by the patient’s ailment.

9. Help to save lives: When you contribute to making a change in the patient’s condition, you save their life. This is nothing more satisfying than seeing your patients recover well from illness.

10. Work in many places: Depending on your own preferences, you can work in different rural, urban or overseas hospitals.



1. Shift work: Nurses work inform of shifts.
A normal work can go for like 12 hours or 10 hours in a row. You’re also required to work on shifts during weekends and holidays.

2. Difficult patients: There are patients who are difficult to deal with especially those with mental illness and it may take you a lot of hard work and time to calm them down.

3. Dealing with body fluids and viruses: Being a nurse you’re exposed to blood and other smelly body fluids as you interact with patients and some of these fluids can pose a health risk to the nurse.

4. Always on your feet: Nursing is a very demanding profession and you will always have to keep on walking and standing for long when serving the patients.

5. Underappreciated: Nurses are always underappreciated and not all patients recognize and appreciate their hard work. Some patients with stressful personal issues can unleash their frustrations on the nurse.

6. Stressful days: Nursing profession require attention to details while serving others and sometimes you are short staffed make you move up and down without much downtime making you overwhelmed and stressed.

7. Sad situations: You will witness a sad or tragic situation when carrying out your duties like watching someone die.

8. Burn out: If you’re working in specializations which often loss patients can lead to burn out.

9. Physical demands: Working as a nurse, you have to lift and transfer patients, lift equipment and boxes during a normal working day leaving the nurse very tired.

10. Odd hours: You not only work for long hours but also be scheduled for night shifts and other odd hours especially when there is a shortage of nurses.

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