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Pros and cons of physician assistants

A lot of PA students and pre-PA students should know what they are getting into. Everything we do has positive and negative impacts on our life. PA is a great field, but like others, it has other things that are not great.

Physician assistants are medical providers licensed to diagnose, manage, treat illness and diseases. With proper training, they are resourceful and synergetic. The relationship between the physician and PA is fundamental to their profession as it provides good service and quality health care. PAs are known to treat patients with significant autonomy.


Pros of physician assistants

1. Flexible career: It’s flexible, you can land in any field, and still, you will be a PA. Some are oncology, surgery, pediatrics, desk jobs, and many others. The list is endless; there are only a few, so you can change your section any minute you want.

2. Good income: They make good money as in the USA; the average or median pay is $108,430. That is a lot of money.

3. Medicine practice: Physician’s assistant they have the same responsibility as physicians. In rural areas where physicians are hard to find or recruit, you will find physician assistants are healthcare providers.

4. They go to school over a short period: They practice medicine, but they school over a short period. Physician’s assistant they take two years masters plus your undergraduate that’s six years schooling. Physicians go over ten years of schooling.

5. Assists patients now and then: If you want to help people and get the passion for doing well in the world, PA is your kind of work. They are responsible for managing patients and treating them.

6. Stellar job outlook: PA by 2026 in us, the job demand will be high, and many people who have PA skills and knowledge will benefit. The demand is rising so fast and at a higher rate.


Cons of Physician assistants

1. Patients die while you are treating them: Your objective is to help patients, but sometimes you won’t help them. This reduces morale, and sometimes you will be stressed over it.

2. Odd working hours: PA works in the evening and weekends. Sometimes you will have to run everything in these odd hours and alone.

3. Income raises but advancement are limited: After 5 to 6 years, most PA makes almost the same amount as they started. The difference between PA experience and the first one coming in is not much, and they are almost the same.

4. You will not be paid as much as the physician: Physicians and PAs do the same thing, but your salary and his or her will never be the same.

5. You will be supervised: No matter how experienced you are, you will be supervised by a physician. Different countries have different rules, but most of them PA are supervised by their superiors.

6. Some patients do not know who a PA is: Many people know doctors and nurses. When you tell them you are a PA, they will be confused or not want you to help them.

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