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Pros and cons of studying medicine

Medicine as a discipline is one of the most prestigious disciplines in schools today. It cuts across all universities and colleges as one of the most sought-after areas of study. However, it is also one of the toughest to join because of the high demands and high requirements. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of this field of study and why students flock to this faculty.



1. Diverse career opportunities for graduates: Medicine offers a variety of career opportunities especially in biological sciences. As a graduate of medicine, one can find employment in a laboratory or in a hospital doing one of the many roles.

2. Working with people: It allows students the opportunity to work with people from various backgrounds and also help people who are in need and who one may not know anything about.

3. The ability to help people directly and make them happier: Medicine gives graduates an opportunity to help strangers and make them happier than they were initially. Most people find satisfaction in having to put a smile on someone else’s face.

4. Globally recognized field: Medicine is a globally recognized field and therefore graduates have the opportunity to work in various countries across the world without any problem. It basically makes one a global citizen.

5. Teamwork, every step of the way: Medicine is one of the few fields of study where teamwork cannot be overemphasized. Doctors always need to collaborate especially when dealing with a surgical case because every case is unique.

6. A great need for good doctors: There is always a need and demand for good doctors across the globe. For this reason, people will always flock to medicine in order to satisfy the demand created by this need.

7. Stable job and safe career: Medicine offers one a stable job and a stable career. Besides the contracts and the security of tenure, doctors can also open their own facilities and practice privately.

8. Constant improvement and fresh research findings: Doctors are always discovering new things and new treatments. It gives them an opportunity to create new solutions in the medical industry.

9. Status and respect in society: Doctors and other medical practitioners command a significant level of respect in society. For this reason, people who want to practice medicine or study medicine find it a very respectable career.

10. White coat: Medical career requires that doctors and other practitioners wear a white coat which is a sign of peace. This may also be an advantage to those who do not mind uniforms at work.



1. Income: The income associated with some careers in medicine is not as much as some people imagine. Some of the careers are low paying unless you are fully and extensively experienced.

2. Time consumption: Medicine will definitely eat so much of your time regardless of which profession you choose in the industry. This is because it mostly deals with life-saving incidences and emergencies.

3. Job-related stress: Doctors and other medical practitioners are at risk of contracting job-related stress. This is because of the pressures that come with having the lives of several people under your care.

4. Possible lawsuits: In cases where there is perceived medical negligence, it is the doctors who are usually at risk of being sued for possible damages. This risk is usually high if the patient was directly under the care of the said doctor.

5. The Long process of getting medical licenses: There is usually a cumbersome procedure associated with getting the medical licenses if you want to practice medicine. This may also be a demoralizing feature in the industry.

6. Difficult procedures: Sometimes doctors are presented with enormous and cumbersome procedures that are tough to deal with and society expects that they will hack it.

7. Overwhelming responsibility: There is a great deal of responsibility expected of the doctors because several lives depend on their actions.

8. Long years of schooling: Doctors and other medical practitioners spend so many years in school before they can graduate and become doctors. This eats into people’s time also.

9. Stress of losing patients under your care: There is always the risk of losing patients who are under your care as a doctor. For some doctors, this usually takes a great toll on them and even their health.

10. High expectations in medical school: Those who want to create a career in medicine must expect the highest bar in terms of academic qualifications and achievements.

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  1. Luke Smith

    I like that you mentioned how being in the medical field is a stable and safe career path. My son has been asking me for advice on what career path he should choose and I am thinking of having him go for a medical career. I heard the medical field is in great demand for more people, and there is a nearby biomedical technology school here too so the conditions seems good.

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