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Pros and cons of dentures

Dentures are custom-made replacements of teeth for those people who have lost so many of their teeth. You can easily take them out of the mouth whenever you want to and put them back. We all know teeth are important and without them you cannot eat well or chew food properly. Nonetheless, even with proper dental care some people still face tooth decay, damage and gum diseases. This is why dentures were designed. To help people with missing teeth have a normal life and even be able to smile with confidence.



1. Confidence. Whether you like it or not, teeth are a big part of our lives. Missing several teeth will not only ruin your smile but also bring down your confidence. In this case, dentures can help restore your attractive smile and make you feel more comfortable about your looks.

2. Clear speech. We don’t realize how difficult it can be to speak when you are missing several teeth. Putting together a simple conversation can be a huge problem. Dentures can significantly help to restore your normal speech abilities.

3. Proper eating. The main function of teeth is to chew and crush food. How then can you eat properly when there are only a few teeth remaining? With dentures, you can eat all the foods you want.

4. Long-lasting. The good thing about dentures is the fact that they actually last long. A new set of dentures is designed to last for at least five or ten years.

5. Protects the remaining teeth. People who experience dental issues from time to time have to protect their remaining teeth from further damage. Dentures work to protect the rest of the teeth from any more damage.

6. They are affordable. It will not cost you an arm and a leg to get a set of good quality dentures. They are actually the most affordable way of replacing your missing teeth.

7. Removable dentures are easy to maintain. When using removable or partial dentures you don’t have to worry about maintaining them. All you have to do is remove them and use a soft toothbrush to remove food debris and residue.

8. There are implant-supported dentures. Dentures can support multiple dental implants. This is an added benefit because the implants make them feel more like real teeth. They even give a boost to your smile.

9. Some dentures can be administered the same day. If you no longer want to feel embarrassed due to having several missing teeth, there are dentures that can be done the same day you visit the dentist.

10. There may be no surgery needed. Partial or removable dentures don’t require any surgery. They are easy to fit and quite simple.



1. They will never feel like natural teeth. This is the most common issue with any kind of dentures. In spite of all the efforts in making dentures better, they somehow never feel the same as natural or real teeth.

2. It takes time to get used to dentures. You don’t get dentures today and immediately feel comfortable while using them. In fact, it can take months before you stop feeling weird when there are dentures in your mouth.

3. Can cause gum irritation. This is usually the case with poorly fitting dentures. You have to ensure that they fit perfectly well or deal with serious gum irritations. It may take several adjustments to get dentures with a good fit.

4. Discomforts. Since your gums, teeth and tongue muscles will require time to adjust to the dentures, you might experience some discomforts. This can be soreness in the mouth as well as increased saliva.

5. Regular cleaning. The dentures have to be removed on a regular basis and cleaned so as to avoid infections and even bad breath. Unlike the simple way in which we normally brush our teeth, dentures require more time and effort to clean.

6. The taste buds are affected. Dentures tend to affect the taste buds located at the roof of the mouth. This significantly reduces your food tasting abilities.

7. Some dentures can also affect your speech. You may have difficulties with having normal conversations when using some dentures. This is because they cover a large part of the roof of your mouth.

8. Dentures can cause frequent mouth infections. Remember, a denture is typically a foreign body introduced in your mouth. Aside from that, it can the cause of mouth infections considering the fact that you will be removing them and putting them back every now and then.

9. It doesn’t completely solve the problem. Dentures will replace your missing teeth but only temporarily. Practically, you will still be missing teeth and the bone located in the area with the missing teeth will continue shrinking.

10. They become loose over time. Dentures loosen over time with constant use. For this reason, you might have to replace them sooner than you had expected.

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