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Pros and Cons of Vitamin B12

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Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble product used to control the functioning of the nervous system, the human brain, and the formation of blood. B12 is one of the largest vitamins produced through bacterial fermentation-synthesis. It affects DNA synthesis and is responsible for the metabolism of body cells.

Vitamin B12 is part of the essential B vitamin components. This article gives a guide on the pros and cons of the supplement in your body.



1. Prevents brain atrophy or shrinkage: Vitamin B12 is administered to the elderly to protect brain shrinkage and stimulate the body’s T-cells.

2. Conversion of energy: Vitamin B12 is an essential B-vitamin that helps to naturally convert energy from foods taken. The supplement helps in maintaining a healthy body.

3. Used as a food additive: The cyanocobalamin supplement in Vitamin B12 act as a food additive because of its low production cost and stability.

4. Treating vitamin B12 deficiency and cyanide poisoning: The FDA in the US approved the use of B12 vitamins to decrease deficiencies and the hydroxocobalamin component found in the drug is used to treat cyanide poisoning.

5. Increase blood circulation: Vitamin B12 generates red blood cells which increase oxygen supply in the body.

6. Contributes to the formation of DNA: The cyanocobalamin element is water-soluble which helps to keep our blood cells and nerves safe as well as the formation of DNA. It helps in improving stomach lining.

7. Improve mood and reduce depression: The vitamin has an active role in synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin substances for regulating your mood thus reducing depression.

8. Reduce neural tube birth defects: Taking vitamin B12 helps in the formation of body cells thus reducing the neural tube effects. Pregnant women take folic acid to avoid delivery of kids with abnormalities.

9. Avoid eye disease: Intake of Vitamin B12 and B6 can help prevent eye disease known as age-related macular degeneration.

10. Support bone health and prevent osteoporosis: High quantities of vitamin B12 lead to strong bones. Deficiency of the vitamin reduces bone mineral density leading to an increased risk of osteoporosis.


1. Drug interaction: Although vitamin B12 is safe, it can interact with other drugs decreasing the absorption of the vitamin. Drugs like Glucophage used for diabetes, chemotherapy or stomach acid result in a reduction of the vitamin leading to deficiencies.

2. Decreased absorption: Absorption of vitamin B12 reduces with the aging of a person. The vitamin requires a healthy digestive system and stomach acid in order to be fully absorbed. Reduced absorption leads to fatigue.

3. Vegans require Vitamin B12 supplements: To prevent deficiencies, vegetarians need a supplement of B12 since the vitamins are higher in animal products compared to plant products.

4. Causes Pernicious Anemia: Lack of vitamin B12 leads to Pernicious anemia. You may experience diarrhea, weight loss, or numbness in your fingers due to a lack of red blood cells that carry oxygen.

5. Cause of severe damage: Lack of absorption of vitamin B12 in the body can cause severe health issues like loss of memory, confusion, and lack of balance.

6Side effects: Injections of vitamin B12 can cause diarrhea, stomach bloating, and sometimes feeling nausea.

7Severe conditions: Injection of vitamin B12 can cause severe side effects to some people like chest pains, increased heartbeat, difficult breathing, muscle weakness or pain, skin rashes, and in such conditions, you should consult the doctor.

8. Cause blindness: If you suffer from hereditary eye disease or are allergic to cobalt, taking vitamin B12 will harm the optic nerve causing blindness.

9. Narrowing of blood vessels: After coronary stent or surgery, the combination of vitamin B12 with folate and vitamin B6 can cause narrowing of blood vessels.

10. Red blood cells: It can lead to an increase in the volume of abnormal red blood cells which can have serious side effects on individuals.

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