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Pros and Cons of Imperialism

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Imperialism is a form of extending power or exercising influence over the weaker nation. The term has been in use over the century to refer to the colonial and territory dominance of a strong nation over other smaller nations.

Developed nations have gained economic, cultural, political, and military imperialism over other nations. There are various positive aspects in taking over another country but when greed takes over, it results in a negative impact. This article will let you understand the pros and cons of imperialism.



1. Boost economic growth: Imperialism resulted in the introduction of industrialization and the use of modern technology which led to economic growth. The country is able to expand its empire, culture, and trade activities.

2. Led to political democracy: Political imperialism led to the concept of democratic government resulting in a stable political environment.

3. Effective education system: Imperialism practices encourage scientific thinking, modern learning methods thus boosting the education system and opening doors for more educational facilities.

4. Language promotion: It results in cultural diversity which ensures interactions of people from different regions promoting the English language and new ways of life.

5. Better healthcare facilities: Imperialism has provided modern healthcare access to people in the colonized nation. More people are able to access medications and vaccines which helps them stay a healthy life and pursue their dreams.

6. Creation of a global defense network: Through imperialism, countries like the US have been able to create a global defense network of over 800 military base territories.

7. Increased production: There are better methods of production brought about by new technologies thus increasing food production in the country. Forcing less developed countries to join developed countries led to the elimination of tariffs leading to increased economic opportunities.

8. Increased labor force: Countries will be able to get skilled and experienced workforce who migrate to the country to look for green pastures.

9. Better market access: The country will seek more markets for their products and services through imperialism and increased transport means.

10. Exposure to new ethnicities: Territory acquisition in other nations enables a country to learn new ethnicities and cultures. Strong nations can take advantage of these unique cultures and replicate them to a mass scale.



1. Results to conflicts: People take pride in their culture and nation and will try to rebel against any imperialism and this results in conflicts where countries fight for independence against a stronger nation.

2. Expensive: To create this defensive network and territory over a weaker nation is very expensive.

3. Discredit local beliefs and culture: People are forced to take up new religions and their native language is discredited. Traditional culture and language are wiped off and they have to learn a new language and culture.

4. Exploitation of natural resources: Imperialism control lead to exploitation and draining of resources without considering the destruction it will have to the economy of the colonized country.

5. Racism: People in the colonized nation have little influence and will be discriminated against and treated as less of humans with fewer rights.

6. Slavery: Overdominance in another country resulted in slavery activities and the rights of the local labor market being taken away. There was also a lot of discrimination among local employees.

7. Spread diseases: Diseases from developed countries like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, smallpox among other diseases spread to the local tribal population with low immunities.

8. Unhealthy dependence: When imperialism is used as the foundation for outward expansion, it creates a dependency on nations. The nation has to virtually depend on the economic and governing structure of the strong nation.    

9. Global wars: Territories acquired through imperialism can turn the local conflicts into global wars making the country vulnerable to missile attacks.

10. Genocide attacks: Imperialism led to the growth and expansion of nations. Countries that resisted this expansion resulted in widespread attacks, genocide, and ethnic cleansing.

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