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Pros and Cons of NATO

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a Western military alliance formed in 1949 to protect the European allies against the Soviet Union. The alliance helps the US to leverage the European resources for their own national interest.

Some nations use the alliance to dominate other nations and build an empire. This article highlights the pros and cons of NATO to help you weigh the benefits.



1. Lead by example: US military makes NATO military force very powerful. Partnering with this alliance dictates the nation’s weapon system making them strong compared to their allies.

2. Maintain peace: Remaining in NATO helps a country keep peace and also acts as a foundation for bringing freedom and prosperity within Europe and other nations.

3. Boost economic growth: Boosting the transatlantic economy will help the country and the allies afford the defense they need. The free-trade agreements enable the countries to reap more benefits.

4. Reduce security threats: Committing to the alliance will help the country address all the security threats they face. NATO partnership successfully deterred the Soviet Union and brought the end of the cold war.

5. Political interdependence: NATO has a strong political alliance and it is the only political-military voice recognized and it brings peace and security across the world.

6. Cost-effective defense: The proposed 2% of the gross domestic product led to a sustained commitment to maintaining the armed forces. This contributes to having a cost-effective defense force.

7. Reduce cyber warfare: Having a strong NATO enables the country to deal with emerging cyber warfare threats and transnational terrorism. The alliance protects the US from various threats.

8. More resources: Joining the alliance has enabled the Eastern European community to chuck out their old Soviet arms, scarce resources, and get more advanced resources compatible with NATO forces.

9. Guard borders: The nations are in a good position to guard their borders, contribute to mutual causes, and avoid any attacks from terrorists.

10. Social services: The alliance lead to increased social services for US consumers and create a feeling of contentedness across the world.



1. Overdependence: NATO alliance depends on the US and other nations for support to meet its military and financial obligation.

2. Nations should be supportive: The European nations should appear supportive even if a country like America starts a colonial war with neighboring communities and your nation is not directly involved.

3. Expensive: Supporting the NATO alliance requires you to build an effective military base and allies which are very expensive to maintain.

4. The fallout of nations: As the developing nations reach their competitive strength, they tend to set off on their own.

5. More debt: Lack of support from other nations and limited resources leaves the nation with a bunch of debts making it difficult for them to sustain the global economy.

6. Loss of sovereign power: NATO alliance made the European nations lose their sovereign powers to America. America creates its own empire controlling the European nations.

7. Ecological damage: The creation of strong defense in various military bases lead to ecological damage and environmental pollution due to pollution from aircraft and missile testing.

8. Budgetary problems: Joining the alliance forces the nation to contribute to a high budget of having a strong defense and the taxpayers cannot meet the budget requirements.

9. Migration: It might make some generals and other expertise migrate to a developed country and never return back to their nations.

10. Limited support for a small nation: It is difficult to what is better for smaller nations and how to support them.

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  1. Arian S. González

    A very vague explanation of the consecuences of being a member of NATO, personally I believe that NATO has expanded it’s horizons from just being a counter-force to the now-gone URSS to a thriving organization safeguarding the safety and well-being of many European nations. Although everything is not perfect, many members have not achieved the requirement of the 2% spending and the clear dependence on the United States are matters of importance if the organization wishes to continue in the strife against terrorism, cyberwarfare, and others.

  2. Jackson Blas

    This is stupid.

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