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Pros and Cons of Liberalism

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Every person has a right to life, liberty, freedom to choose, and a right to pursue happiness. Liberalism is a political and moral ideology based on the equality and liberty of people. Modern liberalism focuses on protecting the rights of people, Promoting economic activities, protecting the environment, and enhancing the freedom of individuals in a particular country. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of liberalism in a country.



1. Promotes economic growth: With less government regulation to inhibit business growth, businesses will be productive and innovative thus promoting economic growth.

2. Eliminates slavery: Liberalism ensures we have a great country free from injustices and slavery.

3. Stable economy: Liberalism results in a stable economy with fewer risks of recession and less wealth disparity. Many people are able to obtain an adequate amount of income with fewer people becoming richer.

4. Few regulations: Liberalism ensures there are few regulations and promotes individual liberty. Having a few restrictions on minimum wage enables companies to set up their wages which makes them competitive in the marketplace.

5. Preserve human rights: Infringing human rights is against liberal philosophies and they fight to ensure the rights of individuals are preserved.

6. Equality: Liberalism is individualistic and each individual’s moral values should be treated equally to the moral ideologies of others. The state ensures there are equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, status, or age.

7. Government involvement: Liberals ensure government involvement in the conservation of the environment and promote opportunities to the citizens.

8. Collective security: Liberal countries aim at preserving the liberty of their members and promoting order and justice within the communities. Having collective security promotes democracy and a free market for people to trade freely.

9. Global harmony: Liberalism promotes peace and harmony among countries. Liberal trade markets create international harmony and cooperation.

10. Fair competition: Minimal state regulations ensure there is perfect competition and also ensure there are no barriers to entry as well as reduce monopoly.



1. Unfair business activities: If businesses are left alone without any regulations or restrictions, they may not automatically formulate themselves into the best and fair formation.

2. Exploitation of resources: Fewer regulations on business economic practices results in the exploitation of natural resources.

3. Market Inconsistency: The government cannot easily control market growth, there are cases where the market is unstable and experiencing a recession or affected by human behaviors making it difficult to predict the competitive market system.

4. Unfair wages: A lack of restrictions on the minimum wage rate may allow some companies to pay fewer wages which cannot cover the cost of living. This also inhibits consumerism.

5. Over-dependence: It results in over-dependence or over-reliance on the government to meet the social, economic, political, and personal needs of individuals in the country.

6. Government criticism: The government receives a lot of critics that it commits to a lot of expensive programs which yield unintended consequences and create more social problems than it addresses.

7. Extensive social protection: Extensive social protection can affect the overall economy of the country since many people may decide to live off government support instead of looking for jobs.

8. Unattractive investments: State control of the economy and health care facilities of the country can result in unattractive investments.

9. Moral issues: Liberalism can bring unhealthy and morally objectionable problems or practices.

10. Cultural issues: Liberal emphasis on human rights and freedom of choice/speech has affected the inherited restrictions, and it has influenced the changing characters of western society in terms of lifestyle, mode of eating, and dressing.

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