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Pros and Cons of RV living

Although most people prefer to live in stationary houses like apartments or bungalows, it’s not uncommon to find those who enjoy living on wheels. I think that people have become more open to this way of life because they realize the benefits that come with it.

Still, some people are for it and some are against it. So, let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages that come with RV living, then decide if it’s something you’d love to try shortly.


Pros of RV living

1. It gives you more privacy: Living in a neighborhood or an apartment is exhausting sometimes. And the fact that you can’t move around easily means that you have to put up with all sorts of neighbors With an RV, you have the freedom to move whenever you want and you have more control over who you surround yourself with.

2. You get to save some cash: Living on wheels can save you from the stress of monthly rent, bills, taxes and so much more. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never spend money ever again, but it’s a financial lifesaver.

3. it’s easier to maintain your space: Keeping a huge home perfectly neat is harder as compared to a simple RV. The structure is very basic so cleaning up doesn’t take long at all. There’s no need to hire a nanny because you only need to spare a few minutes to get things in order.

4. It encourages a healthy lifestyle: The good thing about RV living is that you’re more motivated to embrace a healthy lifestyle. You’ll often find yourself with limited food, which means you’ll restrict yourself more and you’ll want to enjoy peaceful walks, swimming, or even go bike riding when you’re surrounded by amazing scenery.

5. You get to customize your home: It’s very simple to make a few changes whenever you feel like. You can easily upgrade your RV without going through any complicated processes, you can redecorate and the best part is you can wake up to a new view every morning.

6. You can meet new people: There’s a huge RV community out there that you’ll love interacting with. Most people don’t understand this lifestyle so it’s great to meet those who you can relate with. You’ll have the opportunity to share new ideas and tips and maybe you’ll even make some lifelong friends.

7. It introduces you to mindful living: The simplicity of this minimalistic lifestyle teaches you how to appreciate life a little more. The hustle and bustle of urban living are very distracting and overwhelming, which makes it hard to appreciate the important things in life. Here, you’ll slowly begin to redefine your perspective on true happiness.

8. You appreciate each other more: In these modern times, people rarely spend time together. Fewer people are gathering at the dining table for meals and family members are now strangers to each other.

Since an RV requires you to spend most of your time together, you learn to appreciate each other more.

9. It allows you to experience new things: People who are open to trying this lifestyle are very adventurous. This is the perfect option for you if you want to challenge the norms that everyone is used to.

You get to visit new places, experience new things and you’re boldly taking risks that will be worth it in the end.

10. You can still expand your income opportunities: You don’t have to give up on your career while you’re on the road. Many have managed to run successful businesses remotely. You still have a lot of growth opportunities in store for you. You just have to think outside the box.


Cons of RV living

1. Planning is exhausting: There is a lot that goes into the planning process. It could take months before you can finally transition to this lifestyle and sometimes getting space to the park requires early booking. You have to prepare yourself for the research and planning processes properly.

2. Safety concerns: Having an RV doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically find safe spaces to park whenever you want? That alone puts you at risk of experiencing some terrifying situations. Make sure you prioritize your safety before anything else.

3. Driving is tiring: Some people enjoy the driving experience but at some point, you’ll get tired. This is one of the major reasons why people avoid living on wheels as a long term solution.

4. Transitioning isn’t easy: Realizing that you don’t have the same comforts that come with a stationary home is a huge problem for some. It usually takes a while to adjust and some give up entirely.

5. Limited space: Limited space is a blessing and a curse. You’ll have the opportunity to appreciate each other more but at the same time, it gets crowded. Also, storage space is a challenge so you’ll have to limit yourself on what you choose to bring along with you.

6. sticking to a budget is a challenge: You might find yourself with extra expenses along the way. Maybe you’ll need to buy some more food, do some maintenance in case of a breakdown, or even add more money to cater for fuel costs.

These are just some unavoidable circumstances that you will experience.

7. It’s not always family-friendly: Most of the time, couples thrive in the RV lifestyle. But, for larger families, things can get a little complicated. You might have a hard time when you have school going kids and bringing your pet along can also be stressful.

8. Good WI-Fi and phone signal can be hard to find: Some of those remote areas don’t have good coverage. This will affect so many areas including your work in case you need to attend urgent meetings.

9. It gets lonely: Many people have a hard time being away from family and friends for a long time. It’s often isolating and you end up missing being around those you love. What was once a fun adventure can easily turn into a sad and lonely experience?

10. Weather changes can be a challenge: Experiencing weather fluctuations isn’t fun at all. It’s often uncomfortable and quite frightening when you’re caught in the middle of a storm.

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