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Pros and Cons of Engineering

Engineering uses scientific laws and principles in designing and building machines, structures, houses, buildings, roads, and other items. Engineering is broad and encompasses a wide variety of disciplines. Usually, it is divided into four main branches: chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and electrical engineering. The following article outlines the pros and cons of engineering.

Pros of engineering

1. Decent money: The fields of engineering enable engineers to make good money from their job. A high percentage of engineers are happy with their net pay. They can afford luxurious lifestyles and a high living standard. However, you need to work hard and develop your engineering skills each day.

2. The field offers good promotion options: An engineer is often given good promotion opportunities based on their hard work and skills. The longer you stay in a company as an engineer, the higher your chances of promotion and salary increment.

3. Engineers can work from home: As an engineer, you will enjoy the privilege of working indoors. Many other fields, such as medicine, cannot allow their workers to work from home. It is because of the nature of their jobs. Working from home gives you great conditions and a conducive environment to deliver your best.

4. The engineering field has good job prospects: Engineers are often in high demand as most companies seek qualified people who will gladly work for them. It means that as an engineer, you will enjoy high job security without the fear of being laid off by your employer at any time. If you lose your job for some reason, the chances are high that it will not take you long to find another one.

5. It is relaxing and fulfilling to work in the engineering field: It is normal that as an engineer, you may get stressed because of the nature of your job. However, it has been proven that many engineers report that they typically have relaxing workdays. Engineers are often fulfilled with what they do because they earn fat salaries.

6. It is common to have free weekends: The engineering field allows you to have free time and free mandatory weekends. As an engineer, you will spend quality time with your family and friends.

7. There are a variety of sub-fields you can choose from: The field of engineering has many sub-fields that you can choose to specialize in. Companies also have different sectors that require workers with various engineering skills. Engineering also allows you to switch from one subfield to another rather than concentrating on one sub-field all your life.

8. Allows you to work for different firms: As an engineer, you will have the freedom to choose which company you want to work for. It is also easy to switch from one company to another. Alternatively, you can also work for more than one company simultaneously. These privileges will boost your confidence and help you navigate to a better position when seeking a promotion or a raise.

9. The field allows you to plan your life: Making decent money and the free time you are given as an engineer, not to mention the job security you enjoy, allows you to plan your life. Handling your finance will become easier. You are saving and investing your money for retirement.

10. As an engineer, you avoid heavy physical work: Most engineers’ work revolves around a computer screen all day. Therefore, it is less exhausting since you don’t work physically. The risk of getting physical health problems will thus be lower.

Cons of engineering

1. You work with a computer most of the time: Working with your hands becomes a rare opportunity when you work in the engineering field. Staring at the computer screen almost always is quite risky as it can affect your eyes.

2. It is quite hard to start your own company while working in the engineering sector: The capital of starting your own company in the engineering field is high. You will therefore need to save more money to do this. You will likely work as an employed engineer until you retire.

3. The engineering student loan debts could strain you financially: Student loan debts help a great deal, especially for students taking engineering courses as it is rather expensive. However, you will have to pay back those debts as soon as you are employed, which could strain you financially.

4. It is quite hard to get an engineering degree: Studying to be an engineer is not easy. Many people who enroll in such courses quit or fail; thus, they don’t get their degrees. Therefore, it requires that you work hard to qualify to be an engineer ultimately.

5. Working in the engineering field could be mentally demanding: Apart from studying engineering in school, which could mentally strain you, the field of practice could do the same. Engineers carry out complex calculations at work that require strong mental capacity that will help you pull them off.

6. A successful engineer takes a long time: Engineers work on projects that require time to deliver positive results. Right from studying in college to being in the field, you must be patient and work hard to come out as a successful engineer.

7. Lack of physical exercise: The engineering field revolves around the computer screen almost all day long. It could make you lack physical exercise, especially working from home. Your muscles could become weak, and there is also the risk of getting various chronic illnesses.

8. Laziness: Sitting in the office as an engineer may make you lazy the whole day. Gaining excessive weight is also something you need to worry about regarding lack of physical exercise.

9. Extra years of training: Different nations have different qualifications and licensing standards which will thus require you to seek more training to get into the engineering field.

10. Stress and pressure: Deadlines for submitting projects and designs could cause stress and pressure.

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