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Pros and cons of science

Pros and cons of science

Science has revolutionized the way we do things, especially through technology. Through science, we are now able to understand some of the most complex phenomena in the world, most of which were unexplainable before science and technology. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of science.



1. Develops technology: Science is the platform on which technology was built. Science has enabled man to create technology that has transformed the way people conduct business all around the world.

2. Encourages innovation: Science is the platform on which innovation is built. Science helps in explaining various phenomena which then leads to an understanding of structures that lead to innovation.

3. Satisfies curiosity: Through the many reasons and explanations provided by science, we are now able to satisfy our curiosity on how and why certain things are the way they are. We no longer need to wonder why the world is the way it is.

4. Addresses societal issues: Science has been able to explain away and address some of the issues that have bedeviled society for a very long time.

5. Informs policy: Through science, data can be collected on a given topic and the information can then be used to inform policymaking that will affect people.

6. Solves everyday problems: Science is the solution to everyday problems faced by man. For instance, through science, man has been able to travel across the globe with the help of an airplane developed through science.

7. Explains phenomena: Science has been able to explain certain phenomena that were previously unknown such as the surface of the moon and the day and night phenomena.

8. Encourages creativity: Science plays an important role in encouraging creativity. Through explaining certain phenomena, people are able to work around the structures and come up with new and innovative structures.

9. Discovery of solutions: Science is important because it allows people to discover solutions to problems that affect humankind.

10. Solves mysteries: Science has been able to solve age-old mysteries that people did not know about such as the composition of the solar system.



1. Science is expensive: Science is expensive and costly. A lot of money and resources have been used in researching and coming up with scientific explanations to phenomena that exist on the earth.

2. Leads to the development of weapons: Science has necessitated the development of weapons of mass destruction which have been used in wars and destruction of property on a massive scale.

3. Causes loss of lives: Science has played a major role in the development of weaponry which is then used to take people’s lives, sometimes innocent lives.

4. Information overload: Through science, there is a lot of information available on any given subject which may sometimes be too much in explaining a simple phenomenon.

5. Scientific fraud: Through science, there have been increased cases of scientific fraud which include cybercrime where people end up losing a lot of money through computer crimes. This affects the socio-economic fabric of the people.

6. Reduced privacy: Science has taken away the aspect of privacy from people’s lives where people can no longer do things on their own. Through platforms such as social media, we can now follow someone’s life all through.

7. Reduced morals: Science has also impacted the morals of the people through the availability of content that may not always be good, especially where children are concerned.

8. Leads to chaos: Science sometimes creates a sense of chaos instead of order. The unlimited information provided by scientific platforms has made it more confusing than informative in some cases.

9. Involves a lot of politics: Science has also directly impacted the political facets of our society. It is no longer easy to get things done across the globe without the political hand playing a part, which may be detrimental to all the parties involved.

10. Requires lobbying: Scientific agendas are not always smooth sailing. They require intense lobbying for these agendas to be fronted and accepted by country executives because of the huge amounts of money involved.

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