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Pros and Cons of L-Shaped Kitchen

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The kitchen layout is one of the important factors considered when planning to give your kitchen a makeover and have an amazing space. An L-shaped kitchen has two cabinets adjoined together to form an L shape look. The layout is one of the popular kitchen designs suitable for both contemporary and traditional kitchen interior design styles. Let’s look at the pros and cons of an L-shaped design to know whether it is suitable for your kitchen design.



1. Organized kitchen plan: L-shaped kitchen allows you to be organized and have an efficient workflow. It enables you to see the overall design of the kitchen plan at a glance and there are no obstacles.

2. Accommodate multiple cooks: The layout of the kitchen makes it easy to accommodate you and another person simultaneously.

3. Excellent for social engagement: It allows you to entertain your visitors in the kitchen room. Your guest can safely wander within the cooking area as you engage them in a conversation.

4. Save on space: It allows appliances to be spread across the two walls, provides multiple work zones, and gives an illusion of more kitchen space than there is. In case of a bigger space, you can add an island or a dining area in the kitchen.

5. Eliminate the need for the island: In cases where you have a long L-design, you can do away with the island and keep the high-traffic areas open. This will turn the work area into an efficient one with less traffic.

6. Increase home value: L-design is one of the latest and modern kitchen designs that add value to your home.

7. Suitability: The l-shape kitchen layout is suitable for both small and medium kitchen space plans. It is also suitable for an open kitchen plan design.

8. Flexible: The L-shaped kitchen design can easily adapt to open floor designs and gives you enough room to line up your appliances, sink, oven, and even demarcate your kitchen area from the living room.

9. Efficient use of work triangle: L-shaped layout in sync with a work triangle makes your work easier. A sink in between the oven and refrigerator makes your work triangle easy to move around.

10. Great for corner spaces: In small homes where more space is needed, an l-shaped design is suitable. It allows you to utilize the corner spaces by designing a corner-style layout to create more room for storage.



1. Difficult to access corner cabinets: Unless you install a corner trolley unit, it will be difficult to access the kitchen cabinets at the corner.

2. More unused space: L-shaped kitchen leaves you with more space a lot of areas to clean.

3. Expensive: L-shaped kitchen layout requires a lot of remodeling and this may cost more compared to other kitchen layouts.

4. Not efficient for larger kitchens: L-shaped layout has appliances spread across the walls and sometimes can be frustrating if there is only one cook in the kitchen.

5. Difficult to navigate for multiple cooks: If the kitchen is too small, it will be challenging to have multiple cooks as the design will not allow them to have enough workspace.

6. Challenging work triangle: If the floor for the kitchen triangle is long, then it becomes challenging and you may need an additional island to shorten the work triangle area.

7. Corner space for appliances: You will be forced to have small appliances in one area and leave a large counter space in the middle of the layout.

8. Island for additional storage: You may be required to add an additional kitchen island to create more space. A kitchen island is also incorporated into the l-layout if you want to reduce the size of the work area between the floor design and the work triangle.

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