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Pros and Cons of Owning the Houseboat

So many people have started owning the houseboat as they have noted the most positive things about it. This is most seen to most people who love nature and are always there to watch it.

Owning a houseboat has so many advantages that the owner enjoys. Some of the pros of owning the houseboat are;



1. Can practice fishing anytime: You can go on fishing anytime you want. Whether at night or during the daytime when you’re ready and you already have the houseboat. You may also decide to fish in your free time just to pass time.

2. You can tour nature: while in the houseboat you may decide to move around just to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. It will be cheaper for you as you do not need to camp or hire boats to take you around. You can move around with your own boat and also sleep in when tired.

3. Owning the houseboat is fun: You will be able to enjoy yourself in the morning sea breeze. You can also go swimming which makes it full of fun for recreation purposes.

4. One enjoys all the beautiful scenery: The sound of rivers and sea waves is something attractive to hear and watch. Owning the houseboat will assure you of all these. You can also watch the early sunrise and the beautiful scenery of the sea.

5. There are no property taxes required: You will not be required to pay property tax as the boathouse will be classified as a pleasant thing. You only pay for DMV.

6. You are free to improve your boathouse: As this is your personal property you can decide what to do or not do with it. You may decide to expand the windows so that you can have a huge view of the sea according to your wish.

7. Less expensive than normal houses: Purchasing a normal house might be very expensive compared to owning a houseboat. The normal house will require many resources compared to the houseboat and this makes the houseboat less expensive.

8. Can generate income: When you decide to rent or hire your houseboat to some people you will be able to earn some income. This will lead to an improved living standard for you and your family.

9. Owning the houseboat assures you of privacy: There are few or no people who will be at your doorstep very often. Actually, no one will come to inspect your personal property. You will live your own standard that you wish or like.

10. You are able to predict the cost you are going to pay: You already have an idea of the amount you will pay for your mortgage. This will allow you to plan for your monthly expenditure and therefore not be affected by any emergency that arises.



1. Attack by diseases: Water is the main breeding point for some insects causing diseases. There might be plenty of insects such as mosquitoes that cause malaria. The same water can be carrying bacteria causing germs. It can lead to an outbreak of water-borne diseases to your family members such as cholera and typhoid.

2. Living in a houseboat is expensive: The houseboat will require so many things compared to living on land. The boat itself is very expensive to buy, but you have to fuel the boat if you want to relocate. The boat needs frequent maintenance and also pays for propane gas needed for cooking.

3. One is forced to join a homeowners association: This association may set rules on what you can do or cannot do with your own boat. You will also have to pay a monthly fee to the association for owning the boat.

4. The boat might not be an ideal secure place to live: You can be attacked by wild animals or even thugs as there are few people living in the area. You can’t seek help quickly.

5.  Pay additional charges: While living in a houseboat you will be required to pay some payment like for the boat itself. You will also have to pay for the slip you are using in the marina.

6. Boathouse has small spaces: This might be of great disadvantage to a person with a big family and also to a person with many resources. He or she will need a bigger space for storing his or her property. This may not be a very perfect place for you to live as you will strain a lot to cope up.

7. Access to roads might be a big problem: Always there is no good road connecting a water source such as seas and land. Therefore when you need to go to the city you will have to walk for some distance in order to catch up with the roads. Also if you own a vehicle you will have to pack a distance away from where there are good roads and this might be a problem as you will need to pay parking fees.

8. Owning a houseboat can be straining: Sometimes there are harsh climates and the water waves and tides or the swaying of rivers may cause the houseboat to swing and this may cause you to be very disturbed.

9. It requires a down payment: You are always required to make some down payment for mortgages. There are also closing costs and moving expenses to handle.

10. It requires long-term commitment: Owning the boathouse may require a long period for you to start to enjoy the financial gains. It, therefore, requires the owner to be patient enough.

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