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Pros and Cons of rubber mulch

Rubber mulch is the substitute for wood mulch. This mulch aids in reducing the regional and global carbon imprint because the materials used to do it are resources that if not used could end up adulterating the environment. This just like any other thing has two sides which are the better side (pros) and the bad side (cons) as listed below.



1. Limits weed growth-One of the reason that could prompt you to use rubber mulch is to prevent the weeds from growing. This is achieved if an adequate layer of mulch is used.

2. They are very permanent and durable- The best thing about the rubber mulch is that it does not need to be replaced regularly. They are very durable because they do not rot and consumed by the soil.

3. It is very permeable-One of the best advantages of the rubber mulch is that it does not absorb any rainwater and allows it to reach the plant’s roots.

4. It does not attract pests-There is no living pest that can feed on rubber, unlike the wood mulch. This means that your plants won’t be attacked by pests.

5. It requires less maintenance compared to other mulch options-Unlike the other options of mulch such as the wood mulch, rubber mulch is estimated to last for up to ten years, therefore, less maintenance.

6. It holds better during flooding events-In case there is flooding other mulch options such as wood mulch are likely to rise to the water surface and float away but rubber mulch keeps their positions.

7. It holds better during wind events-If the garden is cleaned using a wind blower mulching options like the wood mulch are likely to be blown away but rubber mulch keeps its position.

8. It can be broken down over time-Rubber has been estimated to last for over ten years which means that they cannot be easily broken down by the soil bacteria.

9. Rubber mulch is highly waterproof-Rubber mulch is highly waterproof and this is the reason that makes it stand very hazardous weather conditions.

10. It provides good insulation from heat-It provides great insulation to plants compared to other mulch options. It also does not rot and emits a rotting smell.



1. It does not decompose-Rubber mulch cannot be decomposed by the soil bacteria because they are not organic. It is made from plastics and rubber.

2. It contains chemical residues that can be harmful to plants- The rubber mulch is made from various industrial materials which may have come into contact with chemicals that could be harmful to the crops.

3. It does not look or feel organic-These rubber mulch have been made in different natural colours to make them look natural but despite this, they are not any close to being organic.

4. They are very expensive-  If you compare the cost of purchasing rubber mulch and other options of mulch, their cost is much higher than the others.

5. They are highly flammable-Rubber mulch can easily catch fire and it is very hard to control this kind of fire because it burns hotter compared to other mulch options. It also burns faster and with a very thick layer of smoke.

6. It can fade –Several rubber mulch companies have held steadfast the fact that rubber mulch does not fade but it has been proved not to be true because several tests conducted have shown that rubber mulch still fades after some time.

7. It requires weeding by hand for maintenance work-If the rubber mulch is not well installed there may be some weeds growing. Since the rubber mulch cannot be tilled into the ground like the wood mulch, it means all the weeding maintenance has to be done using hands.

8. It is difficult to remove rubber from the ground-If the pieces of the rubber mulch get into the soil it means that all the top layer of the soil has to be removed to get rid of them from the soil.

9. Rubber mulch can release volatile organic compounds-If it gets hot, the rubber mulch can release some gases and compounds that are dangerous. It is even worse where there are children because they pick these rubber pieces and put them in their mouths.

10. Causes nausea to some people –Rubber mulch produces a very weird odour when exposed to sun or heat which causes nausea and vomiting to some people.

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