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Pros and cons of tanning beds

Different people have different beauty goals a reason why each of them will consider a different approach. Today, some people especially those with lighter complexions love tans for many reasons. First of all, these people want to look more radiant with darker skins. Although this can occur naturally, several of them consider a tanning bed like a good option.

A tanning bed emits UV radiations to add a well-tanned complexion. If you are one of those people that want to get such a complexion, then you can try tanning beds. Though, before you do that you should consider all the pros and cons to evaluate whether it’s worth your time and money.



1. You get an even tan on demand-With these beds, you don’t have to hold on waiting for a warm and sunny day to get the tans since you will eventually get that any time of the day you want. This means that if you need a tan to look great for an occasion, then you get it instantly.

2. Trained tanning professionals can always help-These professionals are readily available to help you get an even tan. If you consider their services, you are less likely to have patchy spots all around your body.

3. Additional benefits to the skin– The tanning bed have a couple of benefits to the skin that you cannot underrate. It’s going to help your skin heal and recover from injuries fast.

4. It gives you vitamin D-Just like the sun, the tanning table will be a source of vitamin D. This is the vitamin good for maintaining normal blood levels of phosphorus and calcium. This is a visible benefit of this tanning bed.

5. Relaxing-When you are on the tanning bed, you can actually turn on your own music and relax as your skin is being tanned. The table is also soothing and gives you the best relaxation.

6. Get all the benefits you could get from the sun-The another benefit of this table is that it offers all the benefits you get from the sun.

7. Benefits even during the winter– when the sun is down and you need to tan, then you can opt for this table because it offers all the benefits year-round.

8. Initiate the glowing look in your skin– The benefits you get from the table means that you can get the best from it and your skin will grow healthy.

9. Benefits to other parts of the body– When you get Vitamin D, it will not only support healthy skin but will benefit your entire body in one way or the other.

10. It’s cheap and affordable-Unlike what most people think this procedure is quite affordable.



1. Cancer risk-According to studies and findings, those people tanning more often are at a 75% risk of developing skin cancer. This is a serious risk because we also know that overexposure to deadly sun rays can cause cancer.

2. Sunburn-The tanning tables don’t use the sun to tan but they can cause sunburns from the rays used. If you use these beds for a long time, then there are chances that this will cause trouble and increase the issues at hand.

3. Dry skin-The whole procedure dries your skin. This makes it more prone to wrinkles and several other issues. You can get itchy skin if not careful with the procedure.

4. It can make you uncomfortable-Some people claims that overstimulation by this procedure can cause dry skin and eventually cause other problems that can make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Premature aging-Tanning tables have some side effects on the skin cells that can be translated into premature aging. It destroys the stiffness of the skin and causes elasticity that will deplete over time. This is actually what is responsible for wrinkles and makes your skin age faster.

6. Eye damage-This is not a very common side effect but there are some chances of damaging your eyes through the use of tanning table. Though, the risk is reduced when you wear sunglasses.

7. Can give you tan lines-If it’s not done the right way, it can lead to tan lines which are very serious in some cases.

8. Can cause melanoma-This is a condition where your skin cells grow uncontrollably. It has been known that tanning beds can cause this issue.

9. Tanning addiction-Constant use of these beds can increase the risk of tanning addiction.

10. The UV from a tanning bed is a risk factor– UV rays have several side effects. In this regard, they are likely to cause more issues if that is not put into consideration.

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  1. Victoria Addington

    Aside from the fact that professionals are always available to help me get an even tan, I like that I can get all the benefits from the sun, which could lead to glowing skin. Since I have pale skin, I thought about trying this one out. Hopefully, I can find a spa that offers the latest sunbed tanning equipment.

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