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Pros and Cons of Google G Suite

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Google G suite is one of the best app used by businesses to increase the productivity of the team. It’s the best email software in the market and not only provides email solutions but also offers Google drive storage facilities and tools like Google Sheets and Google Docs.

Although the efficiency of the G suite depends on the type of business, you need to consider the pros and cons of using this web-based platform.



1. Ease of use: The G suite has a user-friendly interface that enables users to access the software suite tools, programs, and share information automatically with users in the same workgroup via a single login.

2. Compatibility: G suite apps are compatible with almost all devices. You can open the apps through the mobile device and also makes it easy to switch between accounts. If you have been using Gmail personal account you can easily switch to a G Suite account.

3. Share information: Data within your Google app is shared with users in the same group.

4. Cost-effective: The basic G-suite package is free and can be used in small organizations with less than 10 users. It offers an email solution, calendar, office, and shared website applications for each user.

5. Reliability: Google G suite is one of the reliable business software with no scheduled downtime for maintenance purposes. All the googles apps data centers are built with redundant infrastructure to enhance the app’s Uptime.

6. Secure: G suite is built on the Google cloud platform making it the highly secure platform on the market. Google products are the most trusted services across the world and a leading company with a security-first mindset.

7. Customized email domain: Google G suite enables a business to create its own email domain making the company look more professional. This can contribute to more traffic and lead generations to the company’s website.

8. Integration: There are a lot of third-party web application tools integrated with the G Suite. These tools help businesses create an online presence and save money and time.

9. Advanced features: eDiscovery, search, email archiving, and other advanced features are available at a low cost.

10. Cloud-based apps: All the apps in the G suite are cloud-based and this encourages more use of cloud-based applications and collaboration among users.



1. No forms in emailing clients: If you need built-in forms and workflows for your business, you need to look for other third-party apps that offer that application.

2. Document conversion issues: You may experience challenges converting Google Sheets and Docs to Microsoft documents and PDF formats. You’re forced to look for a third-party app to help in conversion.

3. Time-consuming: It may take some time to import data and documents into the system from other external sources.

4. Limited Hangout features: Google G suite has limited hangout features than slack.

5. Internet connection: For the apps to function, you need internet connectivity 24/7. Slow connection or no internet limits your access to some apps.

6Storage facilities: The free package has limited storage space. Although paid packages have higher storage capacity, they do not offer more space like Office 365.

7. Integration of desktop email with the mobile client: The mobile version of the app is clunky making users disappointed due to the lack of proper integration.

8. Limited recovery period: If you delete Gmail, or Drive data, it can be recovered from the admin console within a limited period of time.

9. Single source: The service relies heavily on the third party and should Google have any outage or server issues, it will affect the running of your business.

10. Web-based option: G suite is purely a web-based platform and if you’re used to using software like Microsoft Office, you will find G suite features like Google Docs and Sheet not as effective as Office product.

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  1. Charlie

    Dont every sign up to G-suite, because if you ever need to leave it, you are finished. I used my existing email address as the admin for my g-suite (in 2013, I think). We moved to Office recently (we didnt have a choice due to a new software system) and I lost everything associated with the account. I knew I was losing email/contacts/calenders and they were already moved to Office, but I lost the entire android account. Net result is two bricked tablets (google verification cant work on an account that doesnt exist), access to google photos, play store purchases, everything. All because we stopped paying for their service. Oh and of course, once you stop being a G-suite customer, you dont have any customer service (like that second).

    Worth thinking about before you launch into it. Whatever you do, dont use your personal google/android account

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