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Pros and Cons of Koodo

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Koodo is a Canadian mobile brand designed to provide postpaid, prepaid, and wireless home phone services. The mobile brand is suitable for roaming or calling across Canada. Users can choose the Tab plan based on their monthly uses; small, medium, and large tab plans.

The brand mostly targeted the young generation and provide services at a lower cost compared to other mobile companies. Before buying this brand of phone consider the following pros and cons and make the right choices.



1. Family calling: The family calling feature allows you to have unlimited Canada-wide calls to others on the same account. You can call up to five people on the same account. Caller ID, call waiting and voicemail are included in the plan.

2. Data add-ons: When you exceed your data limit, Koodo cuts the data off, and then it sends a text to you with offers of data add-ons plans.

3. $50+$50 credit: When you refer a friend to activate a new account via this platform, you both get $50 credit.

4. International texting: Koodo is suitable for international texting. You don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi calling or care about the VoLTE.
For those traveling a lot, you can take advantage of the international roaming services.

5. Data saver: It Koodo brand data plans have a dater saver with data charges based on the mobile broadband being used.

6. Cheaper: It provides services at a lower cost compared to other companies. The data plans are much cheaper than those of other brands. The plans are designed for younger people looking for cheaper services.

7. Ease of use: The data saver add-on simplifies your work. It makes it easy to purchase mobile internet services. The tabs are user-friendly.

8. Shock-free data: Koodo will send a notification message to you once your data is 50%, 90% used, and once it is 100% depleted. It pauses your data usage once it is 100% to avoid getting extra charges. It also prompts you to buy more data or allows you to select a ‘pay-per-use rate’ plan.

9. Koodo Tab: Koodo mobile uses a Tab system instead of a fixed-term contract. New customers can use the small Tab and can pay up to $240 price on a new phone. By applying a portion of the monthly bill via the customer Tab, customers can receive a subsidized phone.

10. Reasonable prices: Based on the quality and features of the phones, the prices are reasonable, and using the tab you can enter a contract of between 2-3 years.



1. CDMA network: Koodo runs on a CDMA network thus making it impossible to use the phone overseas with a foreign SIM card.

2. Extra cost: When making long-distance calls, you have to pay an extra $0.35 per minute no matter which data plan you’re using.

3. Cancellation fee: If you want to shift to another company, it is better to pay your remaining balance in the tab than pay the cancellation fee of $400.

4. No music downloads: Koodo mobile brand doesn’t support music downloads and GPS.

5. Poor customer services: They have very poor customer service and sometimes they may take long before replying to inquiries. Most of the time doesn’t seem to want to help or respond to calls and emails.

6. Services: The mobile plans can only be used within Canada and in locations that are served by the Koodo. Calling outside those locations will cost you more on all voicemails, and call forwarding.

7. Smaller keyboard: The phone has a small keyboard for an average person’s fingers.

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