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Pros and Cons of Lasik

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Lasik is eye surgery done to correct common vision problems and it acts as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses. Lasik (Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis) is a laser refractive surgery which changes the shape of the cornea to improve your vision.

Light rays may not be bent properly on the retinal surface causing a blurred vision. The surgery helps in reshaping the retina to avoid bending or refraction of light. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of contacting Lasik surgery.



1. Correct nearsightedness (Myopia): When your eyeballs are longer than normal or the cornea curves too sharply, it may cause a blur vision to objects in the far distance. Lasik surgery is used to correct this problem.

2. Correct astigmatism: Astigmatism results when the cornea curves or flattens unevenly affecting your focus of near and distant objects. The surgery will be able to reduce the blur vision for near and distance vision.

3. Short duration: The surgery can take up to 10 minutes to correct the vision problem. Once the surgery is done, you’re not confined to bed for long, within three days you will be able to see without any problem and your vision improves with time.

4. Little pain: Some numbing drops are used to ease any pain you may experience during the recovery of your eyesight.

5. High success rate: Lasik eye surgery has fewer chances of complications and also has fewer chances of developing blurred vision.

6. No bandages needed: After the surgery, you don’t need any bandage or stitches.

7. No dependency on contact lenses or glasses: Contact lenses are an alternative to those with blurred vision and once you do the surgery, you no longer depend on them. Some people completely get rid of them.

8. Room for adjustments: If your vision changes with time, you can carry out another surgery to correct the vision mostly after a year of previous surgery.

9. Correct hyperopia: The surgery is done to farsighted people to ensure the light rays are focused on the retina and not behind it to cause near vision blurry.

10. No more irritating contact lenses: Contact lenses cause eye irritation and reduce oxygen delivery to cornea on the front surface of the eye. Lasik surgery reduces reliance on irritating contact lenses.



1. Dry eyes: Lasik surgery results in unusual dryness for the first six months before you completely heal. The reduced tear production can affect the quality of your vision.

2. Overcorrections: The laser refraction can remove too much tissue from the eye cornea and this may be difficult to fix.

3. Undercorrections: If the laser removes less tissue from the eye, you may not get clear vision results as you expected especially if you’re nearsighted. You have to wait for another year if you want to carry another Lasik procedure.

4. Vision loss or change: In case of complications, you may experience vision loss although this is on rare occasions. Those complications may leave you not seeing clearly as before.

5. Astigmatism: This is caused by uneven tissue removal forcing you to wear contact lenses or glasses.

6. Double vision and glare: You may experience difficulties seeing at night or dim light after the surgery. You can also have a double vision around bright lights environment.

7. Flap problem: Removing the flat at the front of the eye during surgery can lead to infections or excess tears. It may cause cornea tissue under the flap to grow abnormally during the recovery process.

8. Cost: The insurance company does not pay for the laser eye surgery and you have to pay for the surgery out of your pockets which may be expensive.

9. Side effects: You may experience discomfort, mild pain, scratching or burning sensation immediately after the procedure.

10. Subconjunctival hemorrhages: The surgery can cause a red spot on the white part of the eye. The suction ring used to hold the eye causes the red spots and it may go away within a week or month.

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  1. Tyler Johnson

    That’s good to know that the procedure could only last 10 minutes to have Lasik done. I would think that would be pretty easy to fit into my schedule, so that’s good. I’ll have to consider getting some Lasik done if it’s that easy and quick.

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